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August 28, 2009

A Challenging Alternative to My Slow Pokes Ride in the Santa Monicas

The writer of the great blog, GT in LA, recently took what he called a "Training Ride" with a few friends, in the Santa Monica Mountains between Brentwood and Calabassas, Ca.. ;-D

Now, as long time readers of this blog know...I've done a specific route in the Santa Monicas myself, twice, and while it was not without its challenges, and was easier the 2nd time around, in comparison to GT's adventure it was, well, I'll let GT explain:

"Today’s ride marked a mile stone for me. Over 7000 feet of elevation gain in 71 miles is the hardest ride I have ever done....

During todays ride there were times when I questioned my sanity, especially on Encinal, which seemed 'never-ending as far as you can see’ winding uphill furnace, and it really got to me....

For the full report, route description, and a few cool pictures, read... Santa Monica mountains training ride. ;-D

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