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August 16, 2009

Cycling Dude About to Go Ultra Flippin' Crazy and Become YouTuber!

At least that is my plan, and hope.

Yes, Cycling Dude Nation, Fearless Leader has decided to attempt to join the 21st Century, at long last. ;-D

Oh, MY GOD!!! Head for the hills!!!!

I know, I know, what the hell took me so long?

Afterall, I've been blogging since 2003, for crying out loud, and so many who have followed in my tire tracks have taken to YouTube, and Podcasting, like fish to water.

But not me.

Part of it is time, and cost, part of it is not understanding alot about using a computer to its fullest potential, and part of it is a fear of trying something new, and making time for it, when I can.

Attending a Genealogy Convention, in July, then participating in my 1st Open Mic Poetry Reading, then re-connecting with a pair of old classmates, 1 of who goes back to 4th grade, and one to Middle School, on Facebook, and seeing how one has harnessed YouTube to wonderfull effect, and how the other is taking his own 1st steps, all combined to give me the encouraging push I needed to take my own first step on what I hope will be a fruitful journey, and an enlightening, and fun one, for me, and for you, the reader of this blog.

The first thing I did was set up a page on YouTube, not as The Cycling Dude, but as TheMadMacedonian, my other Blogging alter ago.

Anyone who reads the "About Me" section of the page will find info about The Cycling Dude Blog, and know The Mad One, and The Cycling Dude, are the same.

Any Google Search for me can turn up the connection, and my views on, and interest in, a lot of things outside the realm of cycling, something that has never bothered me in the slightest. ;-D

While the page will have links to videos of all sorts, that interest me, and that I may approve, or disapprove of, and opinionate on, I don't expect everyone to agree with, or like all that I review, but I do hope that the cycling videos I rate, and the videos I learn to make, and share, will attract other cyclists who are part of YouTube, or visit it for the videos. 

The 2nd thing I did was buy a Flip Ultra (120min.) Mini Recorder, which just arrived in the mail this week. ;-D

So what am I going to do that is relevant to this blog?

Share some of my essays, humor, and poetry, from the past 6 years, on YouTube, of course, but also try to film scenes from bike rides, and places I visit on my bike, as well as videos on issues of interest, and concern, to cyclists.

With that in mind I put out feelers recently for opinions about how best to film from a bike, asking advice on how to mount a mini-cam on my bike, or bike helmet, or if it's better to carry it in one hand.

So far the advice has been a mixed bag, and I welcome more thoughts on the subject:

One wrote:
I use a video camera similar to the Flip but I hold it in my hand. With
the camera mounted on the handlebars, there was too much vibration. On
my helmet, I couldn't tell when the camera was recording or if it was
properly positioned (putting on my helmet every time with exactly the
same angle is tough to do).
One wrote:
My only real advice is not to cheap out on whatever mount you use. The
Joby Gorillapods are cute and easy to use, but they fall apart pretty

I have no experience with that flip phone, but I don't think a helmet
mount would work well with that camera because of the vertical

Ambitious for someone new to camcorders, and to YouTube?

Yes, of course it is but, look at it this way...Before the Spring of 2002 I had never dreamed of becoming a Blogger....

My traffic has always been miniscule, on all my blogs, with Cycling Dude consistently the best (100-300 a day), but the things I've done, the places I've been, the people I've met, corresponded with, been blogged about by, and become friends with, over the years, have made this experience extremely rewarding on a personal, and creative, level, if not on a financial one.

Attempting the leap into Video is the next logical step for me in my growth as a writer, and blogger.

I invite you to come along for the ride. ;-D

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It is a bit of fun.

I use the VholdR helmet camera.

It is pretty solid.

I can mount it on my helmet, my bike, or hold it in my hand.

I've even dropped it, picked it up, and kept on going.

Welcome to the world of video on a bike!

Posted by: Jonathan Pait | Aug 16, 2009 5:54:45 PM

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