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August 21, 2009

Gluteus Maximus of Cycling Dude Traumatizes Man into Giving Up Cycling

I get comments.

In January I posted a piece in which I reviewed a pair of tight fitting Cycling Shorts, complete with pictures of me modeling them on test rides. ;-D

Short Story on Serfas Short Shorts

This morning someone posted the following:

Hey, thanks for the pics of your butt. I'm going to give up cycling now.

I don't wear the tight stuff without a light layer over top. I'm not as attractive as you are in those things, but I'm still worried I'd be constantly propositioned for sex.

Thanks for the review.


Dear Jim:

You are very welcome but, if the mere sight of my spiffy looking Ass, in tights, so shocks you that you simply must give up cycling forever, then so be it.

However, from your comment, I think there are ways you can get around making this unneccesary lifestyle choice.

1. If you are worried about being propositioned for sex, then only ride your bike in places where you will only be propositioned by those of the opposite sex (It will help your self-esteem.), or just don't wear tight shorts anymore.

In other words, if you continue to wear tights...avoid West Hollywood, The Castro in San Francisco, and other similar neighborboods. ;-D

2. Continue to ride your bike every day and, you too, will eventually develope an attractive Ass just like mine! ;-D


***UPDATE - 8/31/09***

Jim Responds...please forgive him his ignorance of The Castro District of San Francisco, hee, hee!

Maybe I should just avoid California altogether. ;-)

But (no pun intended) I love it so much.

Spent lots of time in Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs, and some in San Diego. Sure beats Edmonton in February.

Never been to The Castro. Is it like Cuba?

I was just kidding about your butt.

I've been thinking about it. A lot. It's ok, I guess.

 I'd be more flattering, but (no pun intended) I don't want it to go to your head.

I do ride every day, but (no pun intended) still no offers for product testing.

 I still hope to get my ass in gear the way you have.



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You tell him, Brother! ;-D

Great reply! ;-D

Posted by: Violeta K. | Aug 21, 2009 2:48:23 PM

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