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September 14, 2009

Blog Posts About Segways, and the Smell of Apathy Bring Great Comments

A couple of weeks ago I wrote two stories that reader Randy Eady found a way to connect together with his comments:

In an earlier Cycling Dude Post on Segways in Huntington Beach I mentioned one community/urban mobility planning tool called the Green Transportation Hierarchy. (A graphic depiction of the priority of consideration in governmental planning for various modes of transportation, walking first as the most green form, followed by cycling, transit, delivery vehicles, taxis, and finally SOV (single-occupant vehicles).

This tool consistently rubs against a cultural imperative that relates to automobile-reliant urban transportation and the challenge of incorporating eco-sustainable lifestyle choices.

Read the complete comments:

Segways in Downtown Huntington Beach? (As of this writing no word any new decisions about this issue.)

Does Apathy Smell, and What Does That Have to Do With Bicycling?

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