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September 28, 2009

Columbia, Missouri Becoming More Bicycle Friendly

Parade Magazine has a great article on cycling improvements in Columbia, led by the town’s 76 year old mayor, a survivor of both esophageal and prostate cancer.

It seems that the Federal Highway Administration has launched a pilot program aiming to make roads safer and more enjoyable, and $22.5 million each, has been allocated to Columbia, and 3 other cities across the country, to make them more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly.

Among the things this wide-ranging article on cycling improvement efforts across the country mentions about Columbia:

1. The mayor recently ordered concrete bike paths alongside Columbia’s streets, rejiggered major intersections for bike safety, and turned existing residential streets into “bike boulevards” with painted bike lanes and obstacles to slow down cars.

2. A city-sponsored cycling-safety class.

3. Hindman’s next goal is to connect every neighborhood to a bike path.

The guy rides his bike 60 miles a week! 

Read the whole article: A Free-Wheeling City.

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