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September 23, 2009

Google Search Proves Schrader vs. Presta Cycling Debate DOES Rage On

Recently David Fiedler, of David's Bicycling Blog, on About.com: Bicycling, declared that the title of his post was a joke because "there's no huge debate that I'm aware of between fanatical factions of Presta patriots and Schrader supporters" whle at the same time advising his readers that "it's good for you to know the difference in case you haven't been exposed to one kind or another."

His short piece then explains the difference, and suggesting several great online resources about the valves, and about Bicycle tires.

Read: Schrader vs. Presta: The Debate Rages On.

I decided to test his claim with a series of simple Google Searches. ;-D

schrader vs presta = 2,610,000 results.

presta vs schrader = 65,000 results.

schrader vs presta valves = 399,000 results.

presta vs schrader valves = 32,000 results.

schrader vs presta tubes = 637,000 results

presta vs schrader tubes = 31,800 results.

schrader vs presta tires = 409,000 results.

presta vs schrader tires = 42,500 results.

Raging Debate, no Raging Debate, or just a minor disagreement, and half-hearted debate, and discussion?

The Cycling Dude reports...you decide! ;-D 

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I wouldn't be surprised if those results represent people new to cycling and/or who just realized that there are two different valves and now want to know what's better.

We often forget that there's a constant influx of newbies.

A few million a year sounds about right.

Posted by: Dellaster | Sep 26, 2009 8:04:24 AM

Like the battle in the middle east....this is likely a debate that will rage forever.

Posted by: Kurt Kinetic Trainers | Oct 12, 2009 4:28:25 AM

Hey, as long as both the Schrader's and the Presta's continue to both work for me, like they have in the past, I'm neutral!

Posted by: three wheel bike | May 2, 2010 12:00:59 AM

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