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October 26, 2009

Arizona Cycling Advocates Honored by Prescott Alternative Transportation

There is a great story out of Prescott, Arizona, sent me by a friend who lives there, about how efforts to encourage bicycling are being honored.

Prescott Alternative Transportation (PAT) has honored these efforts with a CYCLE award (Central Yavapai Community Leadership Excellence Award).

PAT, a nonprofit organization, offered the awards for the first time.

1. Joe Howard, principal of Prescott Mile High Middle School, walks to work whenever possible, and is trying to encourage more children to walk or ride bikes to school....

Howard, a former student who graduated from Prescott High School in 1989, is using money from Safe Route to Schools grants to bolster his efforts to encourage walking and bicycling.

2. Charlene Craig, was rewarded for her work on the Greenways Trails, Acker Park, the Bicycling Opportunities Map (described in PDF of 2009 City Bike & Ped Master Plan), open space, "and generally supporting the quality of life in Prescott."

3. Epic Rides of Tucson for turning Prescott into a huge mountain bike destination by creating and expanding the Whiskey Off-Road Endurance Race.

4. Prescott traffic engineer Ian Mattingly, for helping to strengthen relationships among the city's Transportation Coordinating and Bicycle Advisory committees, and PAT (Prescott Alternative Transportation.

See Joe Howard, with his award, and learn a bit more in this article by Ken Hedler, of The Daily Courier, of Prescott -- Achievers: Group honors people, business for promoting bikes.


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