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October 03, 2009

Is Audi Anti-Bicycle in its Latest Commercial?

Automobile Manufacturer Audi has come out with a new commercial for one of its new cars, called Audi A3 TDI - Do Your Part, and it takes a slap at Bicyclists that is far from funny, and is rather insulting, and offensive.

I have a peculiar sense of humor, and write humor, and poetry, about bicycling, and plan to include humor in my own future efforts on YouTube, but this commerical is not funny at all.

The commercial doesn't have a specific target audience, to me, anyway, unless you consider the piece to be an attempt to coax people to quit riding their bikes, and "get back in the damn car, already!".

And they are supposed to do this why? The new car is powered by Vegetable Oil!

They just insulted not just Cyclists, but Environmentalists, too.

 The commercial has an anouncer condescendingly intoning that "Many people are trying to do their part. . ."  as we see some unhappy Bike Commuter getting jostled by strangers on a crowded bus; a frightend cyclist in a suit trying to avoid a car as rain pours down around him; and some goofball on a Segway trying to remember the ineffective lessons he must have just been given, as he rides a sidewalk.

The Commuter is obviously an Immigrant, possibly of Middle Eastern Descent.

Talk about stereotype! Yes, minorities combine bus, and bike, to commute, but so do I, and other Middle Class people, and as well as people who make far more than we do!

And, besides riding the bus is not the horror they try to make it out to be.

As for the guy in the rain...No-one I know is that stupid, or desperate.

With all sorts of clothing to wear in the rain available, there is no excuse to do so if you simply MUST ride in the rain (Hell, even I've pedaled my bike with one hand steering, and one holding an Umbrella!).

Of course the smart thing when it rains, or snows, as everyone knows, is to leave the bike at home, and take the bus, or commuter train! ;-D

I WILL concede, though, that some Segway users are just like this one, and should be given plenty of space...hee, hee! ;-D

People like David Fiedler, of the About Bicycles site, are not amused by this commercial.

As he writes:

"Har har, Audi. That's rich. Guess what? You just insulted the groups of people most likely to be concerned about the environment and respond to a clean diesel ad by factoring it into their car buying decision.

I ride my bike to work daily, endorse mass transit AND have two cars that will need replacing in the next two years. Audi is not going to be a choice for either new vehicle,thanks to this terrible commercial."

I agree with him that it makes it seem like Bicycle Commuting is weird, unpleasant, dorky, and dangerous.

What a bunch of ignorant BS!

Watch the video.

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I agree 100% with the C. Dude's view on this one!

Hadn't seen the headlight unit on the Segway before but I've seen people on the sidewalk shocked and annoyed!

Was that guy in the rain on the LEFT of that car?

He'd be dead in South Florida!

Posted by: Randy Eady | Oct 3, 2009 3:11:42 PM


Apparently the guy is in Europe somewhere, maybe Great Britain, where traffic goes in the, um, wrong direction. ;-D

Posted by: Kiril The Cycling Dude | Oct 3, 2009 8:59:31 PM

That's a funny article :-)

Great impressions for me, a European Girl.

Posted by: European Girl | Oct 13, 2009 8:45:47 AM

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