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October 14, 2009

Kids With Disabilities Get Help Learning to Ride a Bicycle

As Summer fades into Fall there is a cool story, from July, that I want to share, reported by Denise Lockwood of the Wisconsin blog Know More:

Riding a bicycle is a tough thing to master.

There’s the peddling, the handlebars, the balance, the keeping focused on what is ahead of you and the turning. And for most children, riding a bicycle is a right of passage… except for children who have disabilities.

Those who cannot master the skills are children often left inside their homes with their parents. And they are often the odd kids out.

But that is not the case for 28 children and young adults who attended a weeklong camp held this week at Union Grove Elementary called Lose the Training Wheels. This week they became less disabled and more able. 

 As one who spent 29 of his first 38 years around a dozen mentally disabled women, several of whom where Down Syndrome, I found this story to be an inspiring one.

Read: Camp helps children with disabilities lose those training wheels

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