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November 30, 2009

Ending BlogAds and Google AdSense to Focus More on Amazon

As regular readers know I've long had advertising on my blogs.

After years of offering people the opportunity for BlogAds, and allowing Google AdSense to advertise as well...I've made the decision to end both.

The decision wasn't all that hard to make.

In 4 years I think I've only had 6 BlogAds on my blogs, all on this blog, and 4 of them created by me to promote a site I liked.

GoogleAds took 3 years to earn me my first $100 check, and it would be 2011 before I'd get another. ;-D

Being an Amazon Associate has been nicer to me, at least in the number of people who make purchases by going to Amazon thru my links.

Over the years I've been approached by people wanting to put banner ads on my blogs, and go into partnerships of all sorts that make me wonder how much they explored my blogs, and the links to my traffic stats. ;-D

I plan on sticking with what I know, and understand, and expand from there.

That means utilizing what Amazon has to offer in ways I've not done before, and see what happens.

I will be adding more books to the Cycling Dude Recommends Amazon Box in the sidebar.

I also plan to explore making an Amazon Associate Store in the next couple of weeks to promote all my various interests as explored in my blogs.

I'm a cyclist, an urban hiker, a poet/writer, a genealogist, a music lover, a film buff, a classic TV series lover, history buff, book lover, and more, and I think I can create a shopping environment that would appeal to people with similar interests.

It is my hope that, if people like the content of my blogs, that they are encouraged to show that appreciation by going to shop at Amazon thru the links on my blog, and maybe even take a chance on something I recommend.

Will I be able to retire early due to all this Greedy Capitalistic Activity on my part?

Nope! ;-D

But I do hope to do better than I've done up to now, and maybe, eventually, make enough money to help pay for my use of Typepad, and my Domain Names, each year, and maybe have something extra left over, to boot!

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