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November 07, 2009

Fullerton Hiking and Biking Trails: This One's For Mountain Bikers


The City of Fullerton Ca., in the north of Orange County, has approximately 28 miles of recreational trails, which are spread throughout the city.

Hikers, equestrians, mountain bike riders, walkers, and joggers take advantage of these scenic trails.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hiking Stick and camera in hand, I spent 4 hours walking 4 of the trails in the network, from Downtown Fullerton to the border with Buena Park, a total of 8 miles or so.

My Bike does not have the tires for these trails, so the poor dear sadly had to miss out on the fun.

And there were a lot of cyclists out there having fun. ;-D

There are 11 Featured Trails with Info Links on the city website, and 8 other trails that are listed on the site, and related interactive maps.

List of Trails.

Interactive Parks (38) and Trails Map (Google Map - Regular, Satellite, Hybrid).

Parks and Trails Map.

The connected Trails I explored are as follows: Juanita Cooke Greenbelt & Trail, Bud Turner Trail, Nora Kuttner Trail, and Rosecrans Trail.

Ful_Hike6  In Orange County, if you know where to look, there are corridors of nature within the urban landscape, and what one finds in Fullerton is a prime example.

You cross an old bridge over a railroad, and Laguna Lake is a wonderful spot for fishing, and bird watching, walking, and cycling along the south shore trail as it become the Bud Turner Trail on the other side of the lake, and heads past the Equestrian Center.



The Nora Kuttner Trail has several steep, and rugged, uphills and downhills, and hikers are always on the lookout for deliriously happy cyclists barrelling toward them on the downhills (I encountered several!).

It was here that I encountered 3 brave, and hearty, young teenage girls, taking on a climb. ;-D


They hopped in the saddle and valiantly headed onward, and upward, for a short distance before realizing it was the better part of valor to walk their bikes to the top afterall. ;-D


At Coyote Trees Hill Park is one more fun stretch for the cyclists, as the trail heads down into a canyon.

I have 6 more photos, and a detailed route description, in the full report of my adventure, and you can read it all here:

Fullerton Hiking and Biking Trails: Do your Mind, and Body, Good, and Go.



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That sounds like a good outing. We did a short hike this weekend while out camping. I like the fact that you combine bicycling and hiking. Two fantastic activities.

Posted by: sightseer | Nov 8, 2009 7:14:45 PM

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