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November 25, 2009

Philly Cops Sally Forth to Edumicate City Cyclists

Last weekend Philadelphia Cops pedaled around town on a mission:

Make bicyclists pay attention to their surroundings, those they share the road with, and the laws they're supposed to follow.

Why all the fuss, and attention?

The targeted enforcement was aimed at ticketing cyclists while educating them on what constitutes good behavior (stopping at red lights, signaling to turn) and what's punishable by a fine (biking on the sidewalk, riding against traffic).

"We think this is a good way to get the message out," said Philadelphia Capt. Dennis Wilson of the Ninth Police District, who helped coordinate the officers fanning out from Rittenhouse Square across Center City. "We're not trying to make things harder for bikers, we're trying to make things safer."

Bicycle safety has gained attention in the past week, after The Inquirer reported that two pedestrians died last month after being struck by bicycles, and that untold numbers of people suffer serious injuries from rogue cyclists who break traffic laws.

Read the full, interesting, story, here:

Philadelphia Inquirer: Bike enforcement push launched in Center City

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