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November 12, 2009

There Be Monsters!...Somewhere in Highland Park, Ca.

This heads-up was sent to me by The Bicycle Tree:

The Bike Oven and Flying Pigeon LA, two great bike shops that neighbor each other in Highland Park, will be hosting a group art exhibition entitled "Monsters on Bikes!".

The show opens Saturday, November 14th from 6 PM - midnight and runs until December 10th.

The show's opening coincides with the monthly Spoke(n) Art ride, a bicycle tour of the area's art galleries that leaves from York & Figueroa streets at 6:30. The ride returns to The Bike Oven around 9:30 to join the party.

A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit The Bike Oven and The Bicycle Tree. The Bike Oven has been an inspiration for The Bicycle Tree.  They have been helping the good people of Highland Park learn how to fix their bikes for years!

If you live in LA County, and Orange County, especially, but in neighboring counties, as well, you might find this an interesting even to check out.

Monsters on Bikes now has a Website, with 4 blog posts so far.

The 1st entry talks about the dispaying, and selling of art at the event (Submissions were no long accepted as of Halloween.

The 3rd entry talks about the show, and Opening Night, and provides a link to a Flickr page with a preview of artwork that is thought-provoking, very cool, and very funny.

It also provides links to the websites of all the participating artists.

The most recent entry is an image of the event poster, which incorporates the cool image on the header of the blog itself.

"Monsters On Bikes! For all fans of monsters and their two-wheeled riding habits" appeals to my peculiar sense of humor. ;-D

The Spoke(n) Art bicycle ride is a free, once-a-month, bicycle tour of art galleries in North East Los Angeles. The ride takes place on the second Saturday of each month - a special night in North East Los Angeles. Area art galleries open their doors late into the night as part of NELAart's "Gallery Night".

Learn more about the event, here. (Saturday? Hmm, If my day off comes on the designated day, then I just might check the event out myself someday!)

The Bike Oven Shop has had a Blog since Aug. 2007? Cool! I'll be adding them to the Blogroll, and checking them out!

The Bike Oven is a volunteer-run bicycle repair collective that started in a single car garage on Avenue 42 in Highland Park.

The Bike Oven endeavors to serve the community and improve the quality of urban life by promoting and facilitating, through culture change, the use of bicycling as an alternative to the non-sustainable and climate damaging fossil-fuel powered motor vehicle transportation system.

The Blog.

Flying Pigeon has a Website and a Blog...oh, and promotes an every 3rd Sunday Dim Sum Ride to Chinatown, or venues in the San Gabriel Valley, and other parts of LA! (Sunday? Hmm, If my day off comes on the designated day, then I just might check the event out myself someday!)

Flying Pigeon LA is a company, started by two brothers, located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Flying Pigeon LA sells, maintains and evangelizes the Flying Pigeon brand bicycle (A famous bike brand in China) in Los Angeles.

The About Page has a lot of links about this very inexpensive bike, and a cool video.

The Blog has been up since July 2008 and, like Bike Oven, I'll be adding it to the Blogroll, and checking it out!







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A delightful fusion. Great Artwork!

You know who might like to get behind this cause (perhaps do something festive to close the exhibit)and help raise funds for the Bicycle Tree?

None other than the Musician/(BIKE RACK) Artist/Long-time Bicycle Enthusiast: David Byrne.

He just wrapped up a CITIES, BICYCLES AND THE FUTURE OF GETTING AROUND Tour where he had a civic leader, urban theorist, bicycle advocate, and the man himself speak, for about 10 minutes followed by a Q&A with audience.

Posted by: randy eady | Nov 17, 2009 4:50:42 AM

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