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December 09, 2009

Bike Lane Repainters Arrested in Brooklyn

Recently the Hasidic Jewish Community in a section of Brooklyn prevailed upon the city to remove bike lanes in their part of town.

Needless to say cyclists were not happy.

Cyclists have decried the removal of the bike lanes, but many Hasidic residents had complained that all the bikers whizzing by posed both safety and spiritual risks to the community.

Many of the hipster cyclists wear too little clothing for the Hasids, who are not supposed to stare at members of the opposite sex and wanted the enticement removed.

Herzfeld contends the activists were comprised of both Hasidic and hipster riders unhappy with the removal of the 14-block bike lane. On the video, the team is shown repainting the lanes with rollers as a pulsating rhythm plays in the background. They used a stencil and spray paint to recreate a bicyclist icon on the roadbed at Bedford Avenue and Williamsburg Street.

The group's message appears in white text on a black background at the end of the video.


There's more in the NY Post piece, and the comments section is even more interesting, and entertaining. ;-D

BIKERS IN THE SPOKEY: Cops haul in W'burg lane painters

Hat Tip to Gawkers, which has an amusing post putting this whole fracas in it's own unique perspective. ;-D

Brooklyn's Hottest Stereotypes in Battle of Bike Lane Martyrs

The comments at Gawker are an interesing mix.

My favorite is this one, by someone named Iplaudius:

"I think they should have a bike lane, but it should only be used by radical lesbian nudist Muslim punk rockers. Serves everyone right."

Um, hee, hee! ;-D

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