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December 05, 2009

Pedaling Past the Squirrels of Long Beach

On my way to work I pedal past a Golf Course in Long Beach where the squirrels amuse themselves, in between nut hunting, by nut watching, as in the Golf "Nuts" on the course.

These critters just sit there, yards away from the golfers, and it's an amusing sight. ;-D

A few miles on I pass an urban pocket park, off Ocean Blvd., in which the critters are out there amid the hustle, and bustle, of the park, ever alert for the people walking their Dogs, so that they can hop a tree trunk until they move on.

As long as you don't have a Dog along you can actually get pretty close to the critters.

The other day I stopped 10 feet from one Squirrel, and started whistling for its attention.

It stopped, turned around, and stood on its hind legs, for 3 minutes, staring at me....probably mumbling to itself something along the lines of "What the #!^% ? ;-D

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When the world ends the last things standing will be the cockroaches and the squirrels.

On my backroad rides I always see squirrels.

Posted by: mrbill | Dec 9, 2009 8:33:09 AM

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