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January 30, 2010

Will First Lady's Obesity Campaign Be Good for Safe Routes to School Efforts?

Bike Portland addresses this issue in an interesting blog post in which he talks to the State Network Director of the Safe Routes National Partnership, Robert Ping. Ping works out of an office in North Portland and is the former Safe Routes to School coordinator for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

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January 27, 2010

Taking the Camera Along to Help the Cat with His Blog


Effective New Years Day my 12 year old Cat, Nikita, began to run his own blog, Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, after over 7 years as a co-blogger on my blogs. ;-D

One ongoing series of posts is a collaborative effort.

I take the camera along on my travels, keeping an eye out for Cats outdoors...doing whatever Cats choose to do outdoors, whether Ferals, or Indoor Cats who venture outside.

You have no idea how many Cats there are roaming the streets until you start deliberately looking for them. ;-D


It  has been absolutely fascinating to encounter the Cats, and take notes on what I see, and learn.

The Cats, so far, have all been in Long Beach, seen on my afternoon commute to work.



Nikita incorporates my notes into his commentary on the scenes depicted by the pictures, and readers are loving it. ;-D

Street Seens: Outdoor Cats as Seen Thru the Lens of the Daddy Cam - 3 Photos.

Street Seens 2: Heading for the Alley, and the Mystery of the Phantom Feline - 3 Photos.

Street Seens 3: The Lady and The Rogue - 4 Photos.


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January 15, 2010

Happy New Year! Um, Sorry, I'm Late...

Happy New Year!!

Party, Party, Par..., um, hey, where did everyone go?

Yet, again, the success of the new blog for my Cat, Nikita, pre-occupied our time the last 2 weeks.

7 posts since the start of December is way below my standards.

Not that anyone noticed I was missing, and sent out a search party. ;-D

My  Averages forTraffic have stayed the same:

85 Page Loads, 71 Unique Visitors, 69 First Timers, 2 Returns.

Sadly, when most of those coming here are via Google Searches that's not hard to do.

I had my Annual Physical, last month, and the results were a mixed bag.

Aside from High Total Cholesterol, and High Bad Cholesterol, and my weight, and a very low Vitamin D Level...I'm fine. ;-D
Total Cholesterol is at 220, and should be under 200.
Bad Chol is at 149, and should be less than 130.
My Vitamin D-3 level is extremely low, so low that the Doc was concerned.
I weighed 193, this morning, and should weigh closer to 160.
Doc asked if I wanted to consider meds, but I said I want to work on improving my diet, and start taking Vitamins again.
I had 2 near full bottles of Vitamins in my Medicine Cab, and 6 empties.
To my bottles of Cal-Mag (1000/500 MG), and CoQ10 (60MG) I added bottles of:
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM Complex (1000/500/500)
D3-5 (5,000 IU)
C  (500MG)
Saw Palmetto (160mg)
Omega-3 ( Fish Oil 1000MG + 180mg of EPA & 120mg DHA)
A Multi-Vitamin
I've got to learn to cook more for myself, and eat out less, or at least do so healthier when I do.
I also need to get out on the bike more.
Aside from my 10 miles a day bike riding to, and from, work almost everyday I found little opportunity to do the long rides this blog has been known to write about in years past and, for that, I am truly sorry...not just for me, but for my fans, the few folks I know who check in from time to time, because they enjoy my writing.
I aim to do better in 2010.

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Cyclist Needs Help Identifying a 70's Era Bicycle

I got an e-mail recently from a man looking for information.

Hank needs help identifyng a bike: 

I recently acquired an old 10 speed with no identifying marks. 

It has a 23" lugged frame, 27' chrome steel wheels made in France, Kenda 27 x 1 3/8 gum walls, an English, Wrights leather saddle (unsprung), a Japanese 3 piece crank, and Shimano shifting components, stem shift and drop handlebars with brake levers for two hand positions, very intricate center pull brakes. 

The underside of the frame downtube (connecting bottom bracket to fork tube) has two heart shaped braze ons. 

These are where the cable stops and cable guides attach so I assume they are to mark the correct attachment locations. 

There are braze on brake cable stops on the top tube and each one combines a guide hole about 3/4 inch from the actual stop.

I'm guessing it is a 1970's standard ten speed bike and it is fairly heavy so I doubt is was a racer, but it is a very nice riding bike. 

The gears and brakes work perfectly. 

I'm just curious to know what "brand" it is.

If you can help him out contact Henry here: henryb54 @ yahoo dot com


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Now, THIS is an Interesting Bike!

Palm Bch Art Fair bike

This is an interesting Bicycle, seen at the Palm Beach Art Fair, and the humor comes from what my friend Randy Eady, of Glider Rider, says in his description of it:

"Talk about seeing a bike transformed this one is made from a wheel chair and one crutch....gotta love that symbolism!"

Yes, indeed. ;-D

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