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February 01, 2010

Does that Cop You Just Pedaled Past Really Know Bike Law?

I just came across an interesting essay, by Damien Newton, of Streetsblog LA, that rips a a CHP Officer who writes a column for a Whittier Newspaper, a new one for his ignorance, not just in the writing of his original column that has some blatant misinformation on cycling law, but for the ignorance of his respose to criticism, that came in, from the cycling community, in a follow-up column.

Maybe the Whittier Daily News and other newspapers that syndicate Officer Al Perez's column, "Ask a Cop," ought to consider changing the name to something else.  Maybe "Ask a Cop, but not about bicycle laws."  Or, "Ask a cop, but be prepared to do your own fact checking."

Read: CHP Officer Perez Reponds to Criticism from Last Week’s Column. Still Hands Out Misinformation.

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