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February 16, 2010

If You Kiss Twitterdom Assembled Good-Bye Will Your Followers Notice?

I had a few a few hundred followers of my couple of hundred Tweets, over the past year, and I regularly checked out a couple hundred of my fellow Bike Twits, but nothing really came of it all.

Every post I made on this blog got posted as a Tweet by The Cycling Dude, but few people noticed, even when the stories deserved notice.

My stats showed little traffic from Twitter.

So this morning I deleted the account.

No announcement, or fanfare, just POOF! Gone!. ;-D

My Cat has more followers, and more interaction on Twitter, as well as more traffic from Twitter to his blog. ;-D

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I couldn't quite bring myself to delete my own Twitter acct., but it will be inactive forever.

I like to stay updated on the people I follow, but do not feel self-important enough to update my own status.

A Very Merry UnTwitter to you!

Posted by: Justine | Feb 19, 2010 6:18:44 PM

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