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February 22, 2010

Cyclist Doing Detto Pietro Vintage Restoration Looking for Info

In March 2007 I did a story on one of the oldest Bike Shops in the world.

Detto Pietro, of Milan Italy, opened for business in 1895.

I added a link to their website in my Elder Statesmen, and Women, of the Industry List in the sidebar (Stories about the inductees can be explored here.).

The other day I received an e-mail from Matt, of the blog Bike Nelson, alerting me to a project of his.

The various photos of the vintage bike he is restoring are cool, especially the one showing off the bike in its entirety.

He gives a little backround on the bike, and his pland for it, and a list of Component Parts.

He is asking for any help, and advice he can get from other cyclists.

As he writes on his blog:

"Repeated attempts to contact DP and find out more about the frame results only in returned, undelivered emails. Internet research finds very little information or documentation about Detto Pietro frames from the 1980's. They seem to be more well known for cycling shoes and helmets and the days of bike racing seem to be a lost period of time."

Read: Detto Pietro Restoration.

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February 16, 2010

If You Kiss Twitterdom Assembled Good-Bye Will Your Followers Notice?

I had a few a few hundred followers of my couple of hundred Tweets, over the past year, and I regularly checked out a couple hundred of my fellow Bike Twits, but nothing really came of it all.

Every post I made on this blog got posted as a Tweet by The Cycling Dude, but few people noticed, even when the stories deserved notice.

My stats showed little traffic from Twitter.

So this morning I deleted the account.

No announcement, or fanfare, just POOF! Gone!. ;-D

My Cat has more followers, and more interaction on Twitter, as well as more traffic from Twitter to his blog. ;-D

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February 12, 2010

Vertebrate Watching By Bicycle

Nikita_022010 As part of the blogging my Cat does, at Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, he posts photos of Cats that I encounter on the street while riding my bike. ;-D

So far all the Cats I've encountered have been in Long Beach, and the variety of situations I see them in is a varied as the breed of Cats.

Most of the Cats are Indoor Cats who also are encouraged by their Humans to hang out outside, but I have seen what I believe were Ferals, as well.

In fact, there is a Colony of Ferals along the cliffs overlooking the beach , in Long Beach, and I've taken pictures of them for a future report.

I thought I'd share a few of my Cat Pics, here, plus a couple I took on the Santa Ana River Bike Trail, in Santa Ana, of a Squirrel, yesterday.


When the Cat on the right saw me it tried to interest its pal in the interloper with the Flashy Box, riding a bicycle...but the other Cat apparently couldn't have cared less. ;-D


I couldn't decide whether this Cat had a Death Wish, or was just too comfy in the sun to move until it was absolutely neccessary. ;-D


This Cat came out of the yard with the intent of strolling down the sidewalk, and around the corner to another house, until I came along causing it to rethink its path...slightly.

It backed up, into the yard, crossed into the next yard, close to the house, until it reached the sidewalk where it was turning, entered the sidewalk, turning its back on me, and walked down the street to its destination without a backward glance. ;-D 


A stray?

Who knows?

From the top of the hill, in this huge yard, it calmly surveyed its surroundings.


You can not ride the length of the Santa Ana River Bike Trail, in Orange County, without encountering Squirrels at almost every stretch.

They live in the trees, and bushes, on the east side of the trail, and frequently dash across the trail, traffic be damned, to explore, and play, among the rocks on the west side of the trail, & even go down into the channel when there is no water there to trouble their pretty little heads. ;-D 



With the river raging, full of the water run-off from the recent rains, this little critter came out to take a peek, running across the trail just in front of me. ;-D

I guess my point, with these photos, is that there is more to a bike ride than just how fast you can pedal, and how quickly you can get from Point A to Point B...if you will only keep your eyes peeled on your journey. ;-D   

Wanna see more of my photos?

Go here, and explore the archive of stories: Street Seens: Cats Outdoors, Thru the Daddy Cam


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February 01, 2010

Does that Cop You Just Pedaled Past Really Know Bike Law?

I just came across an interesting essay, by Damien Newton, of Streetsblog LA, that rips a a CHP Officer who writes a column for a Whittier Newspaper, a new one for his ignorance, not just in the writing of his original column that has some blatant misinformation on cycling law, but for the ignorance of his respose to criticism, that came in, from the cycling community, in a follow-up column.

Maybe the Whittier Daily News and other newspapers that syndicate Officer Al Perez's column, "Ask a Cop," ought to consider changing the name to something else.  Maybe "Ask a Cop, but not about bicycle laws."  Or, "Ask a cop, but be prepared to do your own fact checking."

Read: CHP Officer Perez Reponds to Criticism from Last Week’s Column. Still Hands Out Misinformation.

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