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March 26, 2010

Summit in San Clemente 2: Exercising the Mind, Soul, and Body, Head to Toe, Strolling the Beach

KoShaReyDolleMtg.3 If you are arriving late I invite you to read part onewhere I meet Randy Eady, and Stephen Dolle, in San Clemente, Ca., then come back as we head to the beach for an afternoon stroll. ;-D

While the beach, sand, and surf, were full of people...

the paved San Clemente Beach Trail was also busy with walkers, joggers, and cyclists of ages, and all types...

as well as people being walked by their Dogs. ;-D

This trail is just 1 of 8 trails spread out throughout the city, and those other trails are ones I hope to explore if I can get to them by bus, and/or bike.

The ocean surf was cool to see in action, and what was equally fascinating was the foliage along the trail, the dirt, and wood, step paths (some public, most private) that take people from the cliff tops to the beach, and back again.


KoShaReyDolleMtg.6 I much prefered walking across the soft stones of that therapeutic cobblestone walkpad, in my stocking feet...than walking on the rocks in the tracks, and to their sides...

Um, hee, hee! ;-D

Anyway, where was I?

The cliffs themselves are an entertaining feature of the landscape, in both natural, and unnatural ways.The variety of foliage from flowers, and cactus, to weeds, and trees, placed their beauty, from top to bottom of cliffs pockmarked with a natural craggynbess that was marred in a few places by man-made graffiti, carved into the sandstone rock over the years, and so weathered, in many places, as to be un-readable.

We had a lot of fun finding ways to pose with, or without, the cobblestone pad, and even to let the pad, alone, be the star on the steps against the cliff face.

At one point, as I posed for a photo...

we came very close to losing your humble correspondent due to an, um, unfortunate lack of balancing ability on hiis part. ;-D

KK_SC10 While Randy saves my ass, from a fate most terrible, it's as good a time as any to tell you more about him, and his work. ;-D

The Glider Rider Bike, in all its forms, from toddler, to adult, is a bike without pedals that encourages the rider to use their feet, and the motions of walking, to balance themselves, and propel the bike forward.

The stories I've written, linked in Part 1, are a great way to introduce yourself to the bike, and then explore the website to learn more about the recreational, and therapeutic uses for the child version of this bike.

Randy had images of the new, older child, and adult versions and I found them quite interesting.

In the video below, you can get a brief look at the larger bikes.

It was a while before I learned that the bike was just 1 side of the work that Randy is doing.

As founder of Ko Sha Rey Rhythms Therapeutics he is deeply involved in body, Seat and Feet Therapy.

KoShaReyDolleMtg.7 As Randy writes on the Seat and Feet Website:

"True prevention and health promotion practices build and sustain a person’s resilience and fortitude.

Yet, it sometimes requires something different than access to current services for health."

  "Balance is my element. Mobility is my passion!
I love freedom of movement and experiencing the world from the different perspectives of a balanced center" he says.

Thru several programs they call Back2Life, O2B4Again, and Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms, they are "bridging the divide and integrating traditional medicinal practices with the rigors of scientific, evidence-based research"

The video on the Seat and Feet site is an entertaining, and informative discussion, and demonstration, of some of the things they are working on. 

On his Ko Sha Rey website one can learn more about what Randy, and his work, are all about:

 His work has "led to therapy protocols and research that provide answers to natural healing processes associated distinctively with bio-energetic stimuli for chronic and degenerative illnesses for which traditional medicine provide nominal support such as PTSD.
As creator of the Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms Program, he is the developer of numerous therapeutic garden designs that offer evidence-based symptom relief...

KoShaReyDolleMtg.8His portable therapeutic gardens have been dicussed and presented at major international healthcare conferences and can be found at numerous musical festivals throughout the world."

The website introduces, and explains, the various holistic, recreation-based therapy programs, in brief written and visual, ways that help readers better grasp the complex issues, and concepts, under discussion.

They aim to bring "Symmetry and Balance to Wellness" through their concepts of "Integrative Health and Rehabilitation, for all generations".

As mentioned earlier Randy was in San Diego for a speaking engagementat a convention.

The convention was Environments for Aging 2010, and he spoke on Monday morning.

His topic was something he called "Innovative Sensory Designs that enhance Human experience: Primal Rythyms - Designing a Garden Garden Setting for Therapeutic Continuum of Movement".

I know, I know, sleep inducing... ;-D

But as I sat thru his chat, at the Carl's Jr., he made it reasonably understandable to this scientific illiterate. ;-D

KK_SC8 So it's not hard to believe that he had  an audience that dared to step right up, and listen to his presention, in the palm of his hand. ;-D

And the description in the Conference Preview Guide describes it this way:

"Therapeutic gardens are emerging in many environments across the country and perhaps you would like one in your location as well.

This session highlights Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms, a program that features a movement continuum framework of labyrinths, tai chi, and an oriental foot-centered hydrotherapy technique known as Ashiyu.

Shown to help participants deliver selfcare and healing, the program initiates a calming reflex that allows the body to meditate and the mind to move."

You can visit the website here.

Now that Randy has me safely back on solid ground its time to continue on down the beach, and to introduce you to Stephen as well. ;-D

***UPDATE - 3/29/10***

Now that the conference is over Randy has sent me a link to a wonderful Slide (15 slides) Presentation, from his event, that "talks about rhythmic movement helping the immune system."












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