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March 26, 2010

Summit in San Clemente 3: Drumming Up a Healthy Brain, Helped by Pizza and a Dollop of Whiskey

KK_SC6a Stephen Dolle is an interesting man, with a fascinating past, and career.

Surviving a car accident, and 7 Brain Surgeries since 1992, barely covers it. ;-D

Don't worry having brain surgery doesn't automatically lead you to take up playing with Bongo Drums on some isolated beach, in staid Orange County, with a crowd of Dope Smoking, half naked, hippies.

While that's a scene right out of the fevered wish-fullfillment dream of a writer for The OC Weekly...HIS taking up of drumming did not lead Stephen down THAT particular path toward enlightenment, and better health. ;-D

Yes, there are youtube videos, and photos, of dancing on the beach, with colorfully clad men, and women, but this is drumming, and dancing, of a healthier, and more interesting, nature. ;-D

As I wrote in Part 1, Mr. Dolle, of Dolle Communications, is a Neuroscientist and Percussionsist, a Facilitator and Consultant.

His interests include using the rhythm, music, and language of drumming for health, wellness, movement, and sensory integration, in the interest of improving mobility, balance, and gait, and reducing stress.

Drum Circles may sound like New Age Nonsense, to some, but as I've come to learn, this week, athletic teams, businesses, and corporations think this stuff is well worth exploring, and utilizing.

Randy, Stephen, and I continued on our walk, along the beach in San Clemente, until we arrived at the San Clemente Pier, where we settled don to a lunch of Pizza and Whiskey, at Cassana's Diner. ;-D

Well, OK, it wasn't ALL Whiskey. ;-D

Randy had brought a bottle of Cream Liqeuer, hidden in a brown paper bag in his shoulder pack, so we could toast our "Historic" meeting.

Since Cassana didn't have Coffee he went next door, and brought some cups of coffee back. ;-D

He then proceeded to, um, liven up our Hot Coffee, a wee bit (Twice!), when no-one was looking. ;-D

This was the first time in 25 years that I had even touched coofee, spiked or not! ;-D

We continued talking, occassionally taking note of the passing female members of Bikinidom Assembled, and I remarked on how screwed some would be, so far from their cars, if they suffered the embarrassment of an unfortunate "wardrobe malfunction". ;-D

The Return to our car was notable for 2 feline sitings, one set in a gully next to trail, and one set in stone, and you can read the report, and see the pictures, on the blog of my Cat Nikita...Street Seens 15: March Madness - San Clemente Weirdness Edition (8 pictures in all)

KK_SC9 Since 1996, Stephen Dolle has been a tireless champion  on behalf of initiatives in the neurosciences, most notably for  the neurological disorder, hydrocephalus, which he sustained following a 1992 auto accident. He had earlier developed and patented a computer-based shunt monitoring system, the DiaCeph Test, for this condition. 

 Dolle Communitcation describes itself as "specializing in drum circle facilitation and neurosciences consulting in health & wellness, corporate teambuilding, sports training, personal communications."

 They offer "individualized DiaCeph monitoring for those with the disorder, hydrocephalus, and are a past developer of diagnostic and assistive apps for use in the management of cognitive disorders"

"Professor Mac's" site is a site overflowing with information, articles, fun facts, videos, and slide shows, that inform, and enlighten, as well as entertain, in a sometimes humorous, very easy to understand fashion.

He believes in using audible rhythm to aid mobility, attentiveness, and wellness (especially in neurological disorders).

 Stephen's 30-year career spans his work as a nuclear medical imaging technologist from 1976 to 1990, and an actor in film and theatre for 3 years in the 80's.

After his accident, and surgeries he started work that got the attention of the Food & Drug Administration.

The activities, and organizations, locally, and nationally, that he's been involved with is lengthy.

The site has sections on issues of Public Policy & Law, Science & Technology, Music & Entertainment, his DiaCeph Test, and Hydrocephalus Shunt Monitoring.

The sections on Drum Circle Fascilitation might have you banging your hands in rhythym on your desk top, a nearby table, or your lap, by the time you are thru reading it all, looking at the pictures, and watching videos. ;-D

As the site explains:

Group drumming, drum circles, or simply "drumming," refers to the modern practice of organized group play of (mostly) hand percussion instruments for the purpose of communal enjoyment, enhancing communications, health & wellness, and a wide array of other causes. Drumming is much more integrated into our modern living than you would expect. Even within the ranks of the community drum circles and industry leaders, there lies wide speculation as to the "spiritual cleansing" that takes place in drum circles....

Group drumming is a platform where participants interact with the rhythms of your brain to engage their mind and body to reach its peak performance, and to better communicate with those around them. Widely termed drum circles, it is an age old practice offering new insights today into team building and communications, which can activate key rhythms of your brain.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying reading, and exploring, all this.

The role of rhythm in our daily lives changes as we age. As our necessary survival skills continues to evolve, there is continued optimizing of rhythm's role in our lives....It is critical that we maintain our rhythm skills to remain competitive, healthy, and properly connected to those around us. Regrettably, our increasing reliance on electronic communications and technology may NOT permit sufficient exposure to needed communication rhythms. While electronic communications and artificial intelligence offers many benefits, it is yet to replace live human interaction.

Hopefully thoughts such as these will peak your interest enough to explore his site yourself. ;-D


 Around 4pm Stephen, and I said our good-byes to Randy, and Stephen drove me to the cliffs overlooking Dana Harbor where, as the fog rolled in, I set off on a 2 hour hike above the beach, and on its shores, to the north.



At one point I found myself, in a foggy field of flowers, humming, "We're off to see the Wizard!", and imagining myself wandering in a field of ...Poppies! Poppies!

Luckily they were no such thing, or I might still be there sound asleep. ;-D 

I eventually found my way to Pacific Coast Highway, found myself some dinner, and began the bus trip home.

All in all it was a fun, and interesting day. ;-D



Thanks go to Stephen for taking several of the cool pics in this series, and to both men for suggestions of shots as well. ;-D

***END NOTE***








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Yo cycle dude.

I love your blog!

It's nice to see someone else out there as crazy about cycling as me.

I enjoy cycling so much that, just like you, I put together a web page.

I'm really into rail-trails and other multipurpose trails, so I enjoy describing my adventures traveling the country and riding trails.

My website is called Trailsnet, and I have a Blog as well, and both can be reached at the link in my name

I hope your spring is going well and you're making it out on your bike a lot.

Take care and happy cycling!!

Posted by: kevin | Mar 29, 2010 11:51:35 PM

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