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March 26, 2010

Summit in San Clemente: Cycling Dude Meets Glider Rider to the Sound of Beating Drums

Well, OK, we didn't have the drum, but we DID meet with a drummer! ;-D

Let me begin at the beginning...

KK_SC1It's 530am on a cool Saturday morning, March 20, 2010, and I found myself sitting at the Transit Terminal at the Fashion Square Mall, in Newport Beach.

Aside from 2 homeless men, with all their worldly possessions, sleeping on a couple of benches, the #57 Bus on break, and a Mall Security car in the empty parking lot, there is at first only the just arrived True Blue Catering Truck, with 2 Hispanic Ladies inside gossiping away, as they prepared their food, to keep me company for the 45 min. until the #1 to San Clemente arrives.

By 730am I arrived at the end of the line in San Clemente, and decided to do some exploring for the 90 min. before my friend arrived.

I spotted a group of cyclists, from a local YMCA I was told, preparing to ride around Camp Pendleton thanks to a Special Military Pass one of them had obtained.

This would not be even remotely like the ride the general public has been allowed to do again, since early 2005, good news that I was instrumental in making public, and clarifying, at the time, thru e-mails, and phone calls (Here was Pre-access rte - 2004, then here the good news in 2005).


I next headed toward the trail that leads to Trestles Beach, the fabled Surfer Mecca, located at the nearby San Mateo Creek Natural Preserve (Conservancy), a short 15 minute walk, one way.



As I made my way to the side trail to the beach I was passed up by the YMCA Riders. ;-D



 An easy, quiet, walk down narrow, paved, paths to the beach  leads to an encounter with the areas namesake...



and spectacular views of the beach, sand, and surf.

As you can see, in one of the above pictures,  many cyclists rig their bikes so as to transport their boards to, and from, the beach.

Once back at Carl's Jr. I settled down to await the arrival of the person I'd come to meet.

The rest of this tale will be interspersed with the many photos from the rest of the day, as we chatted, and then later walked, and chatted some more along the beach in San Clemente.

572 About 915am Randy Eady drove up and, with smiles, handshakes, and manly half hug/half back slaps an historic meeting, never even dreamed of when we first became aware of each other in 2006, began. ;-D

As we settle down to await the 3rd person to take place in this summit let me refresh long time readers, and tell newcomers, about our relationship over the years:

1. Raising A Cyclist In 21st Century America -Christmas Day 2006. 

2. Raising A Cyclist In 21st Century America: Part 2 - November 15, 2007.

3. Cycling Dude Promoted at Florida Conference! - March 3, 2008.

4. So Easy A 3 year Old Can Do It! - Sept. 12, 2009.

5. Blog Posts About Segways, and the Smell of Apathy Bring Great Comments by Randy -Sept. 14, 2009

6. New York Times Reports on Balance Bikes 3 Yrs. After Cycling Dude's 1st Story

Randy is involved in more than cycling, and I will get to that shortly.

Meanwhile...another car enters the parking lot, and another man approached our table.

KK_SC6 His name was Stephen Dolle, and a most remarkable man he turned out to be. ;-D

As I later learned...this man had endurred more than a few complex brain surgeries, since 1992, but he sure was remarkable spry through our day together, hee, hee! ;-D 

Mr. Dolle, of Dolle Communications, is a Neuroscientist and Percussionsist, a Facilitator and Consultant.

His interests include using the rhythm, music, and language of drumming for health, wellness, movement, and sensory integration, in the interest of improving mobility, balance, and gait, and reducing stress.

Drum Circles may sound like New Age Nonsense, to some, but as I've come to learn, this week, athletic teams, businesses, and corporations think this stuff is well worth exploring, and utilizing.

But more on that later. ;-D

The next 2 1/2 hours of chat were interesting.

At first you might not think these 2 men, and their interests had anything in common, but the more I've read into their work I can inderstand why they might want to work together.

KoShaReyDolleMtg.2 We sat outside Carl's Jr. as I listened to them talk about Randy's upcoming Monday Presentation at a convention at the Hotel Del Coronado, in  San Diego, and his related activities online, and elsewhere, in all of his therapeutic interests with the body, feet, walking, and the Glider Rider.

They also talked about how Stephens interests in therapy, thru neuroscience, and percussion instruments, such as drums, realted to all this in many ways.

From time to time we also discussed my various blogging interests related to cycling, and to hiking, and more, as well as how Randy, and I, know each other.

I don't pretend to have understood all that they talked about, and all that they do, but I have found that what I did grasp was very interesting.

Both men were friendly, funny, and thought provoking.

We took some pictures around Randy's mat of Therapeutic stones, infront of the less than healthy drive-up menu of Carl's Jr., and made plans for a walk along the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

Along  the beach trail we we continued our conversations about each others activities, and interests, while stopping for photos, and observing our fellow beach goers. (Continued in Pt. 2)





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