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March 31, 2010

WSJ Can't Keep a Secret, Rats Out Popular Bike Blogger! Pass it On!

In 2007 one of the most popular voices in Bike Blogging first took to the internet.

Yesterday, with the help of a willing, and eager, snitch, a tower of the Mainstream Media revealed to all the world the identity of The Bike Snob.

A mystery that even The National Enquirer, and Matt Drudge, could not solve has been solved by Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal.

Imagine that! ;-D

Over his nearly three years of obsessing over, satirizing and deftly puncturing the sport of cycling, the anonymous blogger Bike Snob has made his worldview clear. He loves to ride his bike. He wants you to ride, too. Just maybe not on those florescent wheel rims. Or pedal against traffic. Or with your helmet on the handlebars. And even if it's not fashionable, he'd like you to consider using brakes.
Such style and safety points are well known to the readers who log on daily to the Bike Snob's sharp-edged and fetishistically detailed Web site...

You can read the whole piece, here, and you can read more from the The Snitch who helped break this story, one Eben Weiss, who, after revelling in his complicity, moves on to considering switching the focus of his blog to Gardening, followed by a fascinating discussion of "a landmark legal decision that may very well negatively impact the world of cycling forever."


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