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April 11, 2010

Pedaling Exercise Bikes to Criminal Couch Potatoes

Over at About Bicycling, David has discovered the latest effort by the Lovable Sheriff Joe Arpaio to ingratiate himself with the inmates of his jail, and Civil Liberties activists across the nation. ;-D

To paraphrase a misquoted Marie Antoinette...Make them ride Bicycles! ;-D

He added managing prisoner behavior by wiring the TVs in the prison to exercise bikes that power the sets when pedaled to his bag of tricks! 

He saw that half of the inmate population was overweight, many, um, consiberably.

He decided that if inmates want to indulge in their favorite pastime - watching TV - they would have to pedal for that privilege.

It's actually working out rather well, so far.

As expected opinions from the citizenry is heated as the comments show.

I say...You go, Joe! ;-D

Read the story, and comments, on David's Bicycling Blog

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