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June 05, 2010

Still no Bicycling, But I DO now Have Proof I have a Brain!

The last 2 weeks have been interesting, around here, as I continue going to work, and begin to get some test done in order to get a handle on what happened to me as discussed in my last post.

This post, on my other blog, includes an eyewitness account of my May 7 Seizure.

Nikita_EEG I saw the Neurologist on the 27th, and no real bad news is good news, I suppose. ;-D

The Doc checked my reflexes, asked me questions about what happened read the description my co-worker gave, and looked over the EEG results, which I also saw for the first time that day, as well.
Basically the report concluded that even though it was a normal Awake & Drowsy EEG...there appears to be some episodes of Heart Block on the EEG which needs evaluation (A heart rate of 60 beats per min, with some dropped beats, sometimes occuring as often as every 3rd beat...).
The Doc was of the opinion that what happened to me could have been caused by heart blockage issues, and is going to tell my personal Doc that he recommends I get an MRI, and a Cardiac Work-up.
I also have had real sore knees, since that day (I've had them before, but just attributed it to being a little over weight, or riding my bike far too much.), and plan to ask my Doc about them as well.
Daddys_Brain1Yesteray morning I went to the hospital and had an MRI done on my noggin!

I had to lay very, very still as this huge, noisy machine spent 15 minutes, or so, mapping what passes for my brain. ;-D

After it was all over I was given a very cool CD with 174 images of my head, and brain, in Black & White.

Let me tell you, it was immensely gratifying to know that I have a brain, afterall, considering some of the things I've done, or not done, in the first 50 years of my life. ;-D

Sitting here, at home, looking at all the images of my head, and brain, was absolutely fascinating.

How MRI works.

What it all means, including the notations, I have no clue yet.

Next up will be a Cardiac Work-up.

Once that is completed I will meet with the Neurologist, again, so he can explain what the results all mean, and then I can plan for what to do next.


See, see, bicyclists are NOT brainless! ;-D

Well, this one isn't, at least, hee, hee! ;-D

About that image on the right...

No, no, no, I was NOT wearing one of those night light contraptions one can strap to their head when cycling at night!. ;-D

If you are interested this post has a link to the music the tech had me listen to during the procedure, as well as a song parody I was inspired to write. ;-D

Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes, and encouragement, the last 2 weeks, it means a lot to me.

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Hey CD - New to LA and new to your blog.

I hope your brain has been behaving itself since your episode earlier this year.

Glad to have stumbled on your blog too.

I'm enjoying your posts and cat pictures.


Posted by: T | Oct 1, 2010 12:28:14 AM

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