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June 28, 2010

Well, OK, Tests say my Heart is Behaving, and I Can get back in the Saddle

Since I last reported in an MRI was on the agenda, and later so was a Treadmill, and a Holter Monitor.

This post on my other blog, last week, tells the details of taking those tests:

The Poking, and Prodding, Continues

I've been riding my bike again, for one direction of my work commute, 5 miles, and last wednesday night, before my vacation started, I rode the full 22 miles from Long Beach to Santa Ana. ;-D

The upshot of the tests seem to show that my heart was not the cause of my seizure, and I can get back in the saddle, and ride, as well as walk, and hike, as part of an effort to fight high Bad Cholesterol, and lower my weight.

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It's ironic how those of us who have such a passion for cycling that we want to share it with others can find many of our former cycling hours taken up by the computer.

It's a happy effort, spreading the good news about cycling, and it requires repeated adjustments so as not to keep one out of the saddle too much!

Just today I took a breather from the Twittersphere for that reason.

Best wishes with your increased biking and hiking, and here's to a full renewal of your health!

Posted by: Mari Lynch | Jun 29, 2010 3:04:38 AM

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