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July 31, 2010

Cycling Dude Goes SPLAT! Bike Clings to Life in Intensive Care!

Hello, everyone!

Not sure how many folks know I'm still hanging in there, but I wanted to tell you that despite the best effort of a local street in Long Beach, Ca....I ain't dead yet, and neither is my Trusty Steed of a decade, Cleopatra! ;-D

Hate to disapoint anyone, hee, hee! ;-D

Hey_Doc1 My bike, "Affectionately knows as "Cleopatra", is over 10 years old, and in good shape for her age, having only endured one complete working on in all those years.
I was riding down a residential street, in Long Beach, last night, on my way home from work about 1120pm when, despite my lights, I somehow found a little bump in the road, at 5mph, that sent me head over handle bars to the pavement.
When I got up, and looked at the bike the front wheel, and part of the fork were lying away from the main bike, at a clearly unnatural position.

Clearly, we had a problem. ;-D
The Fork looked like someone had taken a saw to cut it completely thru.
Hey_Doc2 Whether the bump caused this, or finished the job of a developing crack that I was unaware of, I do not know.
My left shoulder is so sore I can barely lift it to type, my left elbow has a scrape, my left hip is a little sore, too.
I had to carry my bike maybe 2 miles, along Xemino Ave. to 7th Street, to the bus stop.

(NOTE 8/2 7pm - Unless they moved Wilson High School further west I mistyped when I originally wrote Cherry! - I did not hit my head, honest!)

The people on the residential street where I took my little tumble didn't seem to notice the ruckus out their window despite one Dog expressing his opinion, and the home directly by me having lights on.

I folded the bike as you see in the 2nd picture, slid my right arm thru the spokes to grip the fram, and staggered off to try and catch a Long Beach Transit Bus to my OCTA connection.

Staggering up Xemino I was passed by a dozen cars, and 2 bicyclists.

The nice looking cyclists even waited at the same corner I did, for a light, but didn't give me a 2nd look, despite the condition of my bike, and my moaning in pain. ;-D


I talked the Long Beach Bus Driver into a ride to the stop where I always catch the bus back to Santa Ana, across from the VA Hospital.
The OCTA Driver didn't grasp the seriousness of my situation, and why I told him the bike would not sit on the rack, but needed to be allowed inside the bus.

He had to call his supervisor, even though he, as the last bus, could have taken me on without extra OK, and his skeptical tone in talking to the super pissed me off, and so I waved the 2 halves of the bike at him, asking him if he noticed anything the matter, and if need be I'd talk to his super.


I told him that I'd been riding busses 40 years, more than 4 times longer than he'd been driving them, and seen more than he'd ever imagine in his philosphy, so don't even get me started. ;-D

This pissed him off but, in the end I got my ride, and the 2nd shorter bus ride to 3 blocks from my apartment. ;-D

Upon arriving home I hugged the Kitties, fed them got in the shower, then fed myself, and checked my e-mail, before heading to bed.

The Kitties are really good nurses, hee, hee! ;-D

On Bike Ride Daddy Goes SPLAT! Nurses Nikita, and Elvira, are on the Case!

My shoulder, while extremely sore, shows no sign of bruising as of this evening, but I am considering x-rays to be sure nothing serious happened.
I may have gotten off lucky where the bike is concerned.


This morning I took pictures, and took them to the shop at the REI, in Huntington Beach, for an initial opinion.
 I may only need to get a new front fork, and not have to go without a bike for long.

Most importantly I won't be faced with the prospect of having to go without, or buying a new bike

They told me that, to have a better idea, I'd need to bring the bike in so they could look at the poor dear, then order a fork, keep the bike there for a week until the part arrived, and then install it.

I'm look at spending close to $100 for parts, and labor.

I may have to put this off for a few weeks, due to other things going on, but I can still take the Long Beach bus on that leg of my commute in the meantime, so I am fine with that.

***UPDATE - 8/2***

Thank you, everyone for the advice, and support!

Due to advice given me by friends, and readers, including a fellow bike rider, I decided to sally forth to the ER yesterday afternoon....

I got there at 1pm, was out by 315 or so.

They took xrays of my shoulder, and the area above my heart, near the shoulder.

I also was given an EKG.

The verdict?

No broken bones.

Just Muscle Sprain up the wazzoo. ;-D

The fact that I could raise my arm straight up, despite the pain, was a positive sign of recovery beginning to them.

The sore butt cheek was more muscle soreness.

I would not have been walking if there had been a broken hip or other damage.

They told me to take some Advil, Tylenol, or Motrin, for the pain if I feel the need, and gave me some fliers about Home Care of the Sprain, and the Elbow Abrasion.

I showed them pictures on my Camera of my "In Home Nursing Staff", and gave them a report of their treatment, and they praised them for their good work, and encouraged them to keep it up. ;-D



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July 25, 2010

Hi! I'm Alive, Remember Me?

Anyone miss The Cycling Dude? Notice I was gone?

Hee, hee!

When last I checked in I was in the midst of a Medical Testapalooza, and about to go on vacation. ;-D

Nikita, on his blog, was handling all the blogging in this household this month, and things just got more interesting by the day. ;-D

I just kept up with my Doctor appointments, and went to work, as well taking a day trip to LA, Venice Beach, and the Santa Monica Pier. ;-D

Oh, and I got a chest cold, and resulting cough, with the cough refusing to go away to this day.

Among the things Nikita blogged about:

Making Your Own Way in the World of Cat Blogging

Newspaper Editor To CB Repurrter "I Really Do Hate Being Politically Correct"

The biggest event of the month so far, however, was a little bit of Domestic Upheaval that has been onging since July 11th...

Intruder Alert! Daddy's Found a Kitten! Or Vis a Versa, I don't know! ;-D

Yup, I'm a Father, again. ;-D

And, like any Father with a baby in the house, all of a sudden, everything revolved around the little one. ;-D

I am riding the bike 5 to 10 miles a day, on work days, as part of my commute, and even rode my bike, one night, from work, all the way from Long Beach to Santa Ana, about 22 miles. ;-D

***Medical Update - August 6th***

Tilt Table Test, today, is Latest in Effort to Understand What Happened with My Seizure:

First the Bad News....

They did not drug me to the gills, or turn me upside down, as I was led to believe. ;-D
I was sorely disappointed. ;-D
The Good News....
They DID fill me with something that made my heart rate go up, and they DID set me, head up, at a 70 degree angle for a while.
In the quest for signs of Neurocardiogenic Syncope (Mimics a Seizure)....
I did not faint, in fact the doc (The Cardio Docs Partner), her hospital assistant, and I, chatted the whole 2 hours.
My results were negative, the test was a completely normal event....
In other words....BORRRING. ;-D
I'll have a follow-up meet with the Cardio Doc himself, and will let the Neuro know the results, and see what he thinks.
A couple of weeks back I met with the Neuro, who said that there was no sign that my brain was the source of the Seizure
I will probably stay on the Anti-Seizure Med until the end of the year, as a precaution.
The idea is that over the last 2 months of the year the regular dosage will be gradully reduced to nothing.
1 event is worth looking into, 2 events is a trend, and of serious concern, so if I have another episode, in the next 5 months, I will let the Neuro know asap.
Maybe I just  had a 1 time fatigue, and stress induced, faint, and no real seizure at all?

***End Update***

How soon will I return to regular blogging?

I don't know.

A lot of things going on, and to think about, particularly the fact that Nikita's blog is going gangbusters, my other blog is also getting new attention, and there are a ton of respected, well known, knowledgeable, cyclists with blogs, out there, that do more than I will ever be able to do, to spread the word, and have interested audiences this blog has never had, in over 7 1/2 years, or ever will.

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