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November 12, 2010

Why The Cycling Dude Mattered, and Why I Am Damn Well PROUD OF IT!

Dear friends, and fans, of this blog, and anyone who stumbles upon it via Google, other Search Engines, or some website that still links to me....

It has been almost 3 months since I retired this blog to little notice, or fanfare...

I never intended to post here again. (In fact the bike blogging of The Cycling Dude continues on my personal blog!)

But God, Fate, or something far more complex, had other ideas.

Earlier this week, on my other Blogs, I revealed to my small, but growing readerships, something that has been a part of my life since 2 weeks after I announced the closing of this blog:

50, Alone and Newly Unemployed in Ca., With the Rest of My Life Ahead of Me: Now What?

This morning a comment was posted, to a 5 1/2 year old post on this blog, that brought tears of pride to my eyes, during this very trying time in my life.

This comment is the single greatest Honor that I have ever received for my efforts with this site...and makes all of it worth the effort.......

Nov. 12, 2010:

Thank you for honoring the shop I have grown up in and love. We are still an old time shop but are trying to keep up with the times with the Kopp's Cycle Website

Charles Kuhn - Owner

The Comment was left here: Kopp's Selling Bikes since 1891 - A story I posted in March 2005

Thank you Mr. Kuhn...I am grateful, beyond mere words, for your kindness. ;-D

As a History Buff there is one aspect of the Kopp's site that makes it very special, and extremely important:

The History Page.

Mr. Kuhn has written an absolutely wonderful essay, and included, a few amazing, and beautiful, old photos that will blow you away.

The most important of the photos is the one of the store (1901 !), on the main page, that entices you to read his essay.

There are other photos of some of their vintage Items for sale and other things including a letter from the 1930's, that can be seen on a seperate Photos link.

I hope he plans to share more of the store history on his site in the future.

Such a past should be proudly shared for all History, and Cycling, Buffs to enjoy, and not hidden away. ;-D

One more thing... As long time readers know I made a special project of highlighting the oldest cycling shops still in business, and that had an online presense, and had a list in the sidebar (Now found on Musings of a Mad Macedonian), and wrote a series of blog posts about them, which you can explore at your leisure ( Meet The Elder Statesmen ( and Women! ) ), and it pleases me no end that, at long last, that list can finally, finally!, have a link to a website for the Kopp's Store. ;-D

Out of respect for Mr. Kuhn, and his comrades on my list, I plan to keep the series going on Musings.

 ***UPDATE - 11/13/10***

I wrote Thank You letter to Mr. Kuhn, and he very graciously replied.

As well as telling him about this post, I wrote:

Dear Mr. Kuhn:
Lord knows that I tried, this morning, but mere words can not do proper justice to the very great honor you do me by your comment to my 5 1/2 year old post.
Your missive brought me to tears...tears of pride, and gratefulness that 7+ years of Bike Blogging really, truly, mattered, and was not done in vain.
Hardly anyone has even noticed I quit Bike Blogging, and mine was probably the oldest such blog in the USA. ;-D
The last 3 months have not been easy ones for me, but you absolutely made my day today. ;-D
I had given up all hope that Kopp's would ever create a website, to tell you the truth, hee, hee! ;-D
That photo on the main page, of the guys in front of the store, is a beautiful, and priceless, bit of History.
I do not know if you explored my blog, aside from finding my post, and am curious how you found it, but you may have noticed that the place had been retired, in August, and most of the extensive links in the sidebar moved to one of my other blogs.
I have done several things: 
I wrote a post on The Cycling Dude, that shares your comment, and serves as a sequel, of sorts, to my original review, as well as a sincere thank you.
I posted a variation of the same post on my other blog, and added a link to the Kopp's website to the "Bike Shops: Pre- 1941 - The Elder Statesmen [ and Women, too! ]"  List in the sidebar of that blog ( Musings of a Mad Macedonian  ).
I also am re-dedicating myself to keeping an eye out for more such stores to write about, and add to the List.
As you can tell you just may be the oldest surviving such store in the world (Only a company in Italy, so far, even comes close!). ;-D
If you know of, or ever find, others, with online presenses, that qualify for this List, please let me know. ;-D
I have no plans to continue the news, and activism, side of what I did on The Cycling Dude, at Musings (Even though I broke some major stories over the years.), because others, with bigger audiences, more knowledge, connections, time, and resources, than I (Including some who got their start by being inspired by my early work) serve that need very ably, however I will continue writing about, and share photos of, my bicyling adventures, including what I do via the blog my Cat writes (Over there we have 2 ongoing Photo Series about Cats, and other critters seen on my Bike Rides.). ;-D
There Once Was a Mad Macedonian on a Bicycle..... 

Street Seens: Cats Outdoors, Thru the Daddy Cam 

Seen & Heard: Critters With Cats on the Brain 

Sincerely yours, Kiril Kundurazieff

His reply:


Thanks for the reply.
I use google to alert me of new posts that mention Kopp's and your blog post got flagged so I checked it out as well as a little of the rest, I will have to check out the links you sent.
I ask anybody that stops in the shop to let me know of any older outfits and so far none have.
I can tell you love bikes, cats and life and wish you the best of luck.

You seem to be someone who experiences life while the rest of us just live.


****MARCH 5TH, 2011****

 Hello, again!

Regular readers of this blog may remember those times, over the years, when I covered the cycling related work (Among other health related interests) of Randy Eady, of Glider Rider, founder of Kosharey Rhythms Therapeutics, and Seat and Feet, and writer of a blog for Children & Nature Network.

Our friendship goes back to 2006, and we finally met in March of last year.

My report of that day, complete with photos, and links to all previous stories, can be read, beginning here:

Summit in San Clemente: Cycling Dude Meets Glider Rider to the Sound of Beating Drums

I'm listed on LinkedIN, as is Randy, and it was there that Randy did me the kindness of giving me my first "Recommendation", on Friday.


Kiril is a talented, responsible, ethical, professional writer. I've frequently relied on his technical writing skills (in numerous social media platforms) to represent a balanced and -- humorous -- perspective to expand/add tremendous value to the underlying message I'm delivering in health and sustainable lifestyle advocacy. Great work that can be easily sampled at various blog sites he maintains and supports.

A very cool Birthday Present, indeed.

Thank You, Randy, your support, and encouragement, means a lot to me.


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