August 15, 2010

When Asked, The Reader of The North American Bicycle Atlas Shrugged, and Replied, "Who is The Cycling Dude?"


JANUARY 5, 2003 TO AUGUST 15, 2010 






****UPDATE - 10/22/10****

The adventures of The Cycling Dude continue on my personal blog with an archive of posts that follows my cycling life into the future.

****END UPDATE****


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January 15, 2010

Now, THIS is an Interesting Bike!

Palm Bch Art Fair bike

This is an interesting Bicycle, seen at the Palm Beach Art Fair, and the humor comes from what my friend Randy Eady, of Glider Rider, says in his description of it:

"Talk about seeing a bike transformed this one is made from a wheel chair and one crutch....gotta love that symbolism!"

Yes, indeed. ;-D

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December 17, 2009

Well, Doggone, Santa Takes His Bike on Fishing Trip

OK, these are just plain silly.

Not to mention unsafe. ;-D

1. Poodle and Santa Claus riding bicycle.

Damn, but that's a big poodle! ;-D


2. Santa Claus rides a bicycle inside a shark tank.

Hope the Shark was a Vegetarian! ;-D




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China's Online People's Daily Shares 4 Pics of Santa Claus on Unique Bicycle in Germany

Funny, fun, cool, and interesting are words I'd use to describe this bike. ;-D

Not sure I'd want to try to ride it in SoCal traffic during rush hour, or any other time for that matter, though. ;-D

Bike Hugger has a cool picture giving a side view of the Santa and his bike. ;-D

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November 02, 2009

Cycling Dude's Conquest of Legendary Fargo St. Posted on YouTube!

Fargo_1 Every March, for decades now, Bicyclists young, and old, sane, and mad, have gathered on a sacred stretch of road, a 1 block stretch of Fargo Street, in the hills of the Silverlake/Echo Park area of Los Angles for a most unusual, and challenging event, sponsored by the Los Angeles Wheelmen Bicycle Club.

It is a challenge so difficult that many bicycles refuse to attempt it with their owner, forcing the intrepid cyclist to valiantly forge ahead alone...

Okay, okay, maybe not... ;-D

It is simply known as The Fargo Street Climb, and attracts dozens of riders, and spectators, as well as the local print, and TV Media.

At a 32% grade this is possibly the steepest street in Los Angeles, and people as old as their 60's, and as young as 8 years old, have mastered it.

One woman has pedaled it 16 times in 1 day, and the male record holder took 9 hours to pedal up it 101 times.

8 years ago I came here for the 1st time, and marveled at the road, and the spectacle, admiring  those who dared to pedal up their way to the top, from which the view is spectacular.

The only event that compares takes place in Pittsburg, Pa., and includes a stretch of road with a 37% grade.

I wrote about both events, in more detail, in 2006: Fargo X 13 in Pittsburg.

Last month I decided to have a little fun, and record my own encounter with Fargo, with my new Camcorder mounted on the handlebar of my bike. ;-D

I present to you The Cycling Dude "Conquers" Fargo St. in Los Angeles!

I am still learning to use my Camcorder, but this is still a fun little video (I figured out how to add a title, and credits!). ;-D

Yes, I made the mistake of not adjusting the camera angle along the way, and if nothing else had happened I would have considered another attempt, but the amusing encounter with the man who earlier drove his car to his house as I filmed the intro, led me to decide to share this anyway.


Wearing my 3 Feet Please Jersey I rode ny bike, this day, in Burbank, Echo Park, and Downtown Los Angeles.

By the way...Fargo is NOT the only extremely steep street in the hills of Echo Park, north of Dodger Stadium, I was amazed to discover (Who says Mother Nature doesn't have a sense of humor!). ;-D

After filming I headed downtown to the legendary Philippe's French Dip Restaurant, a couple of blocks north of the Union Station Transit Hub, for a dinner of a Lamb Sandwich, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, and Macaroni Salad.

See that wall behind me, in the picture below?

The 2nd  floor of the building once housed a Bordello, before the restaurant moved in, decades ago, and over the years restaurant customers have taken permanent markers, and other writing instruments, and left their names, and various messages, for future patrons to enjoy. ;-D


While waiting for a bus, later that evening, on 6th Street, just 2 blocks from the notorius Skid Row, an old homeless black man, with a sense of humor, approached the bus stop in the darkness, but kept his distance, at first, saying..."Is THIS close enough?"

I laughed, and he laughed, and we both laughed even harder when I wondered what the reaction would be if I pedaled right throught the heart of Skid Row wearing the shirt. ;-D

For the next 15 minutes we had a nice chat about 3 Feet, and motorists and cyclists sharing the road, until his bus came along.

All in all it was a fun, and interesting day. ;-D

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August 21, 2009

Gluteus Maximus of Cycling Dude Traumatizes Man into Giving Up Cycling

I get comments.

In January I posted a piece in which I reviewed a pair of tight fitting Cycling Shorts, complete with pictures of me modeling them on test rides. ;-D

Short Story on Serfas Short Shorts

This morning someone posted the following:

Hey, thanks for the pics of your butt. I'm going to give up cycling now.

I don't wear the tight stuff without a light layer over top. I'm not as attractive as you are in those things, but I'm still worried I'd be constantly propositioned for sex.

Thanks for the review.


Dear Jim:

You are very welcome but, if the mere sight of my spiffy looking Ass, in tights, so shocks you that you simply must give up cycling forever, then so be it.

However, from your comment, I think there are ways you can get around making this unneccesary lifestyle choice.

1. If you are worried about being propositioned for sex, then only ride your bike in places where you will only be propositioned by those of the opposite sex (It will help your self-esteem.), or just don't wear tight shorts anymore.

In other words, if you continue to wear tights...avoid West Hollywood, The Castro in San Francisco, and other similar neighborboods. ;-D

2. Continue to ride your bike every day and, you too, will eventually develope an attractive Ass just like mine! ;-D


***UPDATE - 8/31/09***

Jim Responds...please forgive him his ignorance of The Castro District of San Francisco, hee, hee!

Maybe I should just avoid California altogether. ;-)

But (no pun intended) I love it so much.

Spent lots of time in Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs, and some in San Diego. Sure beats Edmonton in February.

Never been to The Castro. Is it like Cuba?

I was just kidding about your butt.

I've been thinking about it. A lot. It's ok, I guess.

 I'd be more flattering, but (no pun intended) I don't want it to go to your head.

I do ride every day, but (no pun intended) still no offers for product testing.

 I still hope to get my ass in gear the way you have.



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April 23, 2009

This Cycling Question, and Debate, is a Gas!

Okay, folks, the question of the day is as follows:

Will the smell travel if you fart while cycling?

When you are bicycling and have to let one loose, will it travel behin you for a period of time, or will it stay in one spot?

If you are in a group ride, and someone is drafting you, will they receive the smell for a long period of time, or just pass through it?

I awoke this morning in a humorous frame of mind, and did a google search for Farting and Bicycling, and came up a Yahoo Answers! page where a variation of the above was asked 6 months ago, and got 7 answers.

One person asked a very valid question: WTF IS THIS? ASK A REAL CYCLE QUESTION!

So, is this a valid cycling question?

Here is the best answer posted, as chosen by the asker of the question, and 1 other good one:

1. There are many factors to consider here, such as the ambient temperature, the wind speed and direction, the absorbency of the clothes you are wearing (especially around the stench trench) your diet and your genetic ability to brew a bad one. I for one cannot factor in all these variables, but as a rule of bum, I have found that farts tend to linger for a while, during which time riding buddies tend to fall back a bit- in a race, a fart can be a highly advantageous tactical manoeuvre. Good luck to you, and pray you never get in a race with me.

2. This my friend is a very complex question, very many factors can effect the aromatic distribution of the gaseous release. For example if you are in a draft line the smell will definitely be detected should it be a real stinker by most if not all of your team. If by chance there is a side wind maybe only by the rider directly behind. The fart will linger as the tight shorts tend to hold the discharge for a few seconds after release, bibs can be even worse. With bibs the smell will actually be drawn forward allowing you to catch a whiff as well up thru your jersey! But fear not the smell will be just a quick blast, and as long as you are not in the front and called out by the rider behind you you should safely be able to rip one and get away with it.

BUT if you are a good friend or teammate you will peel off the line and assume a position at the rear, clear your rear and make your way back to the front., hee, hee! ;-D

In the last 20 years I've only rode in a group maybe 5 times, so I'm the last person to ask for expert opinion. ;-D

Is there anyone out there who has NOT wondered about this important question?

Is there any one who has done some serious research on the subject, maybe for a study, or research paper, or something? ;-D

Any thoughts, and observations, from the Readership Assembled, especially those with experience from either the giving, or receiving, end of, well, um, hee, hee!

You can read the other answers, here.



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February 25, 2009

You Adore Your Bicycle, Admit It!: The Sequel

In August 2006 I wrote a poem called THE MAN AND THE BICYCLE, as part of a post about how you know you are a Bicyclist, and utterly adore your Trusty Steed.

Along with the poem I wrote a few observations that would make any short list answering the question You Know You're a Bicyclist When . . ., and tossed in an amusing photo of me and my Bicycle, for good measure (The same one at the top of my sidebar, only larger.).

I also linked to an excellent essay on the subject by Megan Ann, of Ausin, TX., who is still blogging to this day. ;-D

When she discovered my post, 2 months later, she left this comment in response:

Ha sweet that you read to your bike and pull up the covers for him. thanks for including some stuff I wrote in your post.

Enjoy your riding - your bike should be ready after a good nites sleep! :-)

Well, David Fiedler, on his Bike Blog, at, recently started a list, and has encouraged his readers to come up with their own additions.

My contributions to his List are...

You Know You're a Cyclist When . . .

1. You take your bike in for its annual phys, um, I mean tune-up, the first thing you say when the Doc, um, I mean, Mechanic comes to tell you the news is...Level with, man, don't hold back, I can take it. Will He/She live?

2. If you have the talent for it, and even if you don't, you write poems to your bicycle, or at least ABOUT bicycling, and read them to your silent, & uncritical, Trusty Steed.

3. You have been going to the same Bike Shop for so long that the owner, or at least 1 employee, can share war stories about changing your diapers, and feeding you, when your Father worked there during his, and your Mothers, college years. (This one can be scary to contemplate if your shop is one of the ones on my list of Elder Statesmen & Women of the Industry, in my sidebar, all 67 to 116 years old, and you are at least 67 yourself!)

You ADORE your Bicycle, ADMIT IT!! ;D

The Comments, here, and at my original post as well, are always open, and awaiting your confession! ;-D

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January 18, 2009

No. 1 Thing to Watch Out for While on the Long Beach Bike Trail


Beware of dogs dragging women!!!

I love this image! ;-D

It can be found within the first couple of miles of the trail as it heads from its head at Bayshore, and Ocean Blvd., west, to Downtown Long Beach.

No, there is not a matching one with a man anywhere on the length of the trail. ;-D

I guess it's automatically assumed, in our society, that guys can control their mutts when out on walk-about. ;-D

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December 22, 2008

Thought for the Day

Anybody can ride a Bicycle...but it takes TALENT to stay on.

Discuss. ;-D

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