February 04, 2009

KLUNKERZ 2: My After Film Bike Ride, from Encinitas to Oceanside

On Friday, January 30, I attended a screening of the wonderful Mountain Biking Documentary called Klunkerz, in Encinitas, Ca..

At about 3 PM I set out on a cycling journey, up the coast, that turned out to be 13 miles long, including a stop for dinner a few blocks before the end.

Before leaving home I used a 4 year old Bicycle Map of San Diego County to map out my route.

This is my chronicle of that trip.


Okay, who was the idiot who designed this intersection???

This is a view north on 3rd, before the C St. intersection, in Encinitas.

Yes, I see that there's a Stop Sign down there, but unless you go slow and/or work your brakes, the chances of you getting royally screwed, in one form or another, at the bottom, coming from either direction, are very good indeed. ;-D

Yes, yes, I also know I'm the idiot who decided to go this way without checking Google Map. ;-D

Supposedly the fact that there's a Bike Lane exonorates us both, but in this case traffic planners get a 2nd vote for idiot status by making the Bike Lane one of those that's placed on the drivers door side of  parked cars.

I went gingerly down, then huffed, and puffed, in the proper, easy gear, up the other side. ;-D


After 2 miles of riding through a nice residential area, including on a long, narrow, street, I encounter another one of those steep streets.

I was not alone. ;-D

After gingerly making my way down this one, and turning left, I found myself on Coast Highway 101.

And yes, I know that, if these had been dirt mountain trails, Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, and Billy Savage would probably have bellowed hardy Yee Haws, and barged, hell bent for leather, down the hills. ;-D


At the 3.29 mi. mark I found myself at the intersection of N. Coast Highway and La Costa Ave., looking north, next to the first of several signs that declare that I am in the presense of a Coastal Rail Trail that is less than 1 mile worth (Plans are for 2.6 mi. more.) of the 27 miles of trails in the city of Carlsbad.


At 5.75 miles I find myself along the road inside the Campground of South Carlsbad State Beach.

Aside from having to watch for occasional cars, cyclists, and foot traffic, this was a nice, smooth ride, away from the hustle, and bustle of the Coast Highway.


This is along South Coast Highway 101, , heading north, at around 7.15 mi.

Notice that I am not alone.

All along the ride, especially once on Coast Highway, I encountered numerous cyclists, heading in both directions.


I finally reach Oceanside and, at 11.60 mi., I find myself at Coast Highway, and Morse, heading north.

Notice the cyclist in the distance.


I arrive at my dinner destination, after just over 12 miles of riding...

The famous and historic, 80 year old, 101 Cafe.

They even have a Blog, now, and it frequently has great photos, current, and historical.

Notice those 2 bikes "leaning" against the wall?

The one on the left is my trusty steed, and the one on the right, is a very cool "Tandem" Bike Rack. ;-D


Some of my favorite eating establishments in Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, are older than God, and this one is now added to the list.

I settled in to read my newspapers, and chow down on a great tasting burger, fries, chili, and cornbread, washed down by a few glasses of Diet Coke, all for around $17.

This fine establishment may be so small that it may be responsible for putting the "Hole" in Hole in the Wall, but don't let that deter you, as it has plenty of seating once you get inside.

The menu is large, and varied and, while the prices range from $7 to $14, the food is very much worth the price.

After dinner it was just about a mile to the Oceanside Transit Station where I caught the 1st of 3 busses home to Santa Ana.

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April 06, 2008

Orange County Wheelmen Add Training Page to Website

The Orange County Wheelmen Cycling Club, hosts several of the best Cycling Events in Ca., every year, and have a very fine website.

Now it has added a new section to its site, a Training Page.

Front and center is an infromative article of interest to any member planning to do their very first Century ride.

There is a page of dates, times, locations, and miles of Training Rides, currently those for April, in preparation for the upcoming CINCO DE MAYO FIESTA 150 (100 mi. option, too!) - May 3 and 4.

There is another section of the website that has links to a series of training related articles in PDF format.

Non-Members are welcome on all Rides.

The Spring event, the 2008 SPRING CENTURY (103, 64 and 40 mile rides.) - March 29, has come and gone, but...

In the Summer and Fall, the events to look forward to are:

The World Famous RIDE AROUND THE BEAR! (100 mi.) -June 7

Amtrak Century (For over 30 years a great 1st Century Ride!) - Sept. 6

Fall Metric Century [Metric (64) or Half-metric (32) Centuries] - Oct. 25

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August 13, 2006

Bicycling San Diego: Oceanside to San Ysidro

The following is a ride I 1st created a couple of years ago, but have yet to do.

I am not even sure of the distance!

I strongly encourage comments by cyclists who have been on any, or all, parts of this route so  riders have a clear picture.

I will be adding enhancements, to this post, such as Mass Transit info, in the future.

Clickable Mapquest Map of San Diego County

For Cyclists coming from CAMP PENDLETON, or off the Freeway: Harber Dr. Connects with N. Coast Highway ( Old Highway 1 ), heading South.

A Right on Mission, and a left at Tremont St. brings you to the Transit Center.

Start = Oceanside Transit Center at 235 S. Tremont St.

N = Tremont St.
L = Mission Ave.
L = The Strand
L = Wisconsin Ave.
R = Pacific St.
L = Eaton St.
R = Coast Hwy./ Carlsbad Blvd. ( over Buena Vista Lagoon )
Pass Agua Hedionda Lagoon
Pass Bataquitos Lagoon
Becomes Coast Hwy.
Pass San Elijo Lagoon

Stay on Coast Hwy. after Lagoon and continue S. on Camino Del Mar.
Camino Del Mar becomes Torrey Pines Rd. through Torrey Pines State Reserve.
Stay on right  on N. Torrey Pines Rd.

R = La Jolla Shores Dr.
R = Torrey Pines Rd.
L = Girard Ave.
R = Pearl St.
L= Fay Ave.
R = Nautilus St.
L= La Jolla Blvd.
R = Loring
L  = Crystal ( Quick Left )
Arrive at Strand Way ( Ocean Blvd. _
L = on to Bike Trail
( If there’s a gap in the Trail after Diamond: exit, and go S. on Ocean St. – L on Reed Ave. – R on Strand Way – R on Pacific Beach Dr. – L on Ocean Front Walk back to the Trail. )

OPTION #1 - Take trail down, and around South Mission Beach Pk.
Follow Trail R ( parallels Mission Bay Dr. ) and across Mission Bay Channel.
Trail goes right ( parallels to Sunset Cliffs Blvd.  and Nimitz Blvd. ).
Turn left on to Harbor Blvd. near a little San Diego Bay inlet.
Get on Bike Trail again at Spanish Landing Park, on Harbor Blvd.
Lindberg Field Airport is on your left.

OPTION #2 – Take Trail  S – L on Ventura Pl. – X Mission Blvd. – Becomes  Mission bay Dr. over Channel. – next light allows access, on right, back to Bike Trail, at Quibera Basin ( near Quivera Rd. ) – Stay on Trail over S.D. River to Ocvean Beach and exit path onto Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Looking for L onto Nimitz Blvd. – Then Left on Harbor Blvd..

( Is there anyone that can confirm about Diamond, and/or whether the trail in Option #1 IS A CONTINUOUS ONE? )

Bike Trail begins near sidewalk at the Park, and exits near Laurel St.

Balboa Park: Optional Side Trip: Exit Harber, Left onto Laurel, and ride to the Park.

Stay on Harbor to Broadway.
R= To Broadway Pier and Coronado Ferry at end of Pier. ( A Left, on Broadway, takes you to Santa Fe Depot  ( Amtrak Station ) at Broadway and Kettner Blvd. )
Take Ferry to Coronado.
From Centennial Pier enter Bike Trail heading Left.

Stay on trail thru Tidelands Park, and as it parallels Glorietta Blvd. After  a leftward turn. ( May have to ride Glorietta  to Pomona Ave. )
At  Vista Del Barco Park exit trail and take Pomona Ave. in same direction.
L = Orange Ave.
Continue to C Ave.

Here is Mc. P’s Irish Pub and Grill.

Retrace route back to Trail, and turn R to continue. ( Trail Entr. Marked by sign )

As you approach Orange the trail turns left to parallel Silver Strand Blvd., and continues all the way to 13th Street.
R = 13th
L = Coronado Ave.
R = Beyer Blvd.
R = Dairy Mart Rd.
L = West San Ysidro Blvd.
R = Via de San Ysidro
L = Primera
R = Willow Rd.
L = Camino de La Plaza
Pass the Las Americas Mall and San Ysidro Village.
Stay on Beyer.
R = East San Ysidro Blvd. To the TRANSIT CENTER near US Customs.


The Blue Line Trolley  can be used to return to San Diego proper.

You will return to the Santa Fe Depot  ( Amtrak Station ) at Broadway and Kettner Blvd.
Here you can take the Coaster Train back to the Oceanside Transit Center.

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October 21, 2005

San Diego Bike Routes galore

Jeff Gross is a San Diego area Real Estate Agent.

He also creates the Bike Routes for the North County Cycle Club.

He has put in the effort to post dozens of routes, ranging from the short ( 8 miles ) to the "Holy Bicycle, Batman, THIS is a loooonnnggg one!" ( over 100 miles ) on a section of the Real Estate website he and his wife have..

Some are easy, others challenging, and all have maps to show you the route described.

You can copy, and paste, the route slips to use at your convenience.

This is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to ride in North San Diego County.

Jeff makes some interesting points worth considering when choosing to bicycle:

Bicycling on roads is unsafe!

Cars will kill you because they won't see you. Potholes will kill you because you won't see them. Riding by yourself is unsafe because you are alone when you crash. Riding in a pack is unsafe because drafting does not give you time to avoid a crash.

Ride defensively - something will try to kill you on every ride!

I would stress that Bicycling on roads IS safe if you know how to ride in, and next to, trafffic, so...

Get out there, and ride!

For a look at the California Vehicle Code relating to bikes click here.

For  a San Diego County Bike Coalition discussion of the Code click here.

Got a favorite route you want Jeff to consider adding to his list? He wants to hear from you.

Go here for some great riding opportunities.

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March 17, 2005

Civilian Cyclists allowed back on Camp Pendleton

A lot has happened in recent days that has caused me to investigate, and update, a Feb. 23 story written under the above headline.

It all started with this:

FEB. 3, 2005 -- According to the website for The Scout, the base Newspaper for Camp Pendleton Marine Base:


Limited civillian bicycle traffic has resumed through Camp Pendleton, providing access to bicyclists through the Main Gate to points north. Bicyclists seeking access must wear helmets and carry a valid driver’s license or state-issued I.D. Access will be permitted...

I contacted Base Police for a clarification for folks riding from the San Clemente side, and while I got some good news, unknown to me the question of access was STILL VERY MUCH UP IN THE AIR...


Correspondent Bob B. had written me of a succesful group ride in both directions on 2/25 and 2/27 made possible when "a member of our group produced a copy of the base webpage announcing the new policy."

Correspondent John B. wrote me about being refused access last week, and of learning that many others were also being denied.

So, this morning, I started making phone calls to the MP's, Physical Security for the base, and FINALLY to the main MP OPS section where all was at last revealed by the most helpful Lance Corporal Mark McClure who patiently listened to all I had to say about the situation, and the confusion riders were experiencing, even going so far as to look at the webpage in question.

He talked to his Gunnery Sergeant, made phone calls, sent e-mails, explained to me that The Scout was only partially correct, and promised that all would be straightened out so that everyone, from the MP's at the gates, to the Web Advisories would all be working on the same wave length.

As Mark wrote me:

Mr. Kundurazieff,
I questioned my leiutenant about the bike route being open to civilians and come to find out he submitted the new order for civilian cyclists stating that the bike road would be open the whole week instead of the weekend. We do not have a base order on it, but I have confirmed that the Commanding General is aware that this NEW ORDER IS IN EFFECT AS OF JANUARY 15, 2005. I don't have an eta as to when the order number will be produced. I hope the information I provide will help alleviate the confusion. Below are what my Gunnery Seargeant and leutenant provided me.

Mark D. McClure Jr. (MP Company Operations)

From: Guidos, 1stLt Jason
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 12:12
To: McClure, LCpl Mark D
Subject: 1. Bike Hours 2. Route Hours

It is open to the public on Monday - Friday from the hours of 0830-1100 and from 1330-1530

Saturdays and Sundays from the hours of 0700 to 1700
Took effect Jan 15, 2005.

After this he later forwarded to me ( AND to more than 30 of his comrades on the base who needed to be aware of the rules as well, aparently ) what should be considered the OFFICIAL WORD on the current rules for ACCESS BY CIVILIAN RECREATIONAL BICYCLISTS:


Hours of operation

Monday - Friday from the hours of 0830-1100 and from 1330-1530

Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The below map indicates the only authorized recreational bicycle route aboard this installation:

( The attatchment he sent me shows a map, and I have written out the route as described there )


Check in at Main Gate, and travel on Vandergrift  Blvd.

Left at Stuart Mesa Rd.

Pass Camp Las Flores.

Exit Las Pulgas Gate, and go left on Las Pulgas Canyon Rd. to Bike Trail to San Clemente.


After leaving the Bike Trail at Las Pulgas Canyon Rd. the cyclist can once again turn left and travel to the Gate for entrance to the base, instead of right to take the freeway.

Left on Las Pulgas Road and check in a Camp Pendleton Gate.

Just beyond gate go

Right on Stuart Mesa Rd.

Pass Camp Las Flores and stay right on Stuart Mesa

Right on Vandergrift Blvd., and pass out of Camp Pendleton Gate, and under freeway to become Harbor Dr.

The following rules apply to all individuals utilizing the bicycle course:

Do not deviate from the above-identified route. Failure to stay on the route can result in a citation for trespassing.

All individuals utilizing the course must have picture identification.

A safety helmet must be worn.

Bicyclists must remain in single file

Racing is unauthorized.

Unless you are accompanied by base personnel bicycling is not allowed anywhere else on the base except during special events held there several times a year.

( For example: Only those civilian riders participating in this Saturdays Iron Man event will be allowed on base that day )

Access thru the San Clemente gate, at Christianitos, or the gate at Basilone, is a no-no.

It is my understanding that The Scout Advisory page will EVENTUALLY be corrected to reflect the above information in its own OFFICIAL NOTICE.

For now, I'd suggest you recommend THIS PAGE as a definitive source of information.


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May 23, 2004

Camp Pendleton Route Follow-up

On May 3rd I wrote about the only route I knew about to get through the Camp Pendleton region, from San Clemente to Oceanside.

Several people left comments that only led to more questions, and showed me that we all needed a clearer picture of what our options were.

Cycling South Thru Camp Pendleton to Oceanside.

After several phone calls, and the asking of questions I took the 18.25 mile, 2 hour ride on Wednesday afternoon, and evening.

This entry is the 100th entry to The Cycling Dude, and what follows is my report of my ride.

Let me begin by acknowledging the following people, and agencies, for taking the time to answer my questions:

Ranger Zone of the Orange County District Office of the Ca. State Parks & Recreation Dept..

CHP Officer Latulippe, of the Oceanside Office.

A helpful MP at Camp Pendleton.

Laura Williams, Secretary of Traffic Operations for District 11 of CalTrans Traffic Dept..

The route described by me earlier, for getting from Las Pulgas Gate to Oceanside is only good during times when civilian access to Camp Pendleton is not restricted.

That time is not right now.

Right now anyone driving a car, or riding a bike, needs to have a Military ID to travel anywhere on the base, or be accompanied by a person with such ID in order to do so.

The other option is actually a year round option for those unwilling to travel through the base when the choice to do so is available.

Instead of going left from the bike path to the Gate, a cyclist turns right, goes under the I-5, and enters the southbound entrance to the Interstate.

Let me begin at the beginning:

( All distances are aproximate )

By car one takes I-5 south to the Christianitos Rd. exit, and turn left to park on the street, or in a parking lot next to the nearby Carl's Jr. restuarant, on El Camino Real.

By Bus a person can connect to the OCTA #1 anywhere along PCH ( Pacific Coast Highway ), from Long Beach to San Clemente, and take the #1, south, to the end of the line next to the Carl's Jr..

The Bike Path begins next to the southboud entrance to I-5, on Christianitos.

The first mile is on a wide path that finally narrows to enter old PCH, and after another hilly mile and a half you reach Surf Beach.

At 3.8 miles you arrive at the entrance to San Onofre State Park Bluff, and Campgrounds.

This area is open from 6am to 10pm.

By this time you have passed the Nuclear Power plant, and have hugged the freeway, and railroad tracks.

Now you are entering a widened stretch of road that has a series of more than 150 parking spots for campers, and more campground restrooms than you can shake a stick at.

There are numerous opportunities to stop, park your bike, and traipse down a path to the beach if you are so inclined.

During the busy summer season this stretch can be a tad hazardous to navigate because of the campers, their offsping, and their pets, and so caution is the watchword.

At the 7 mile mark thru traffic ends at a fence, and a bike path begins as you travel beyond the Campground, and travel onwward.

At 8.2 miles you can take a path, to the right, that ends overlooking the beach.

At 8.8 miles the trail veers left, under the Interstate, and then right again, so that you are now to the east of I-5, and on an abandoned stretch of road that has been turned into a marked Bike Trail.

This trail ends at 10.33 miles when you reach Las Pulgas Road.

The ride, so far, has been a scenic ride, of solitude, on mostly flat terrain, in stretches of near wilderness, except for the concrete, and campground ammenites.

Now, turning right, the cyclist travels under the interstate, and turns left to enter I-5, and travel along the freeway shoulder for the next nearly 8 miles to the Oceanside Harbor Dr. exit in Oceanside.

The ride has a few hilly stretches that are no big deal, and there are a couple of exits, and on-ramps for a rest stop where you will have to watch traffic very carefully, but otherwise this ride among the gas guzzlers is quite uneventful, as you travel through Camp Pendleton.

You will be reminded to get off when you see the white sign, with black letters telling Cyclists it is now time to exit the intersate. :-)

Go right on Oceanside Harbor, to reach the Harbor itself, or turn left, then right, past the gas stations, and Denny's, and onto Old Highway 101 to reach a bus stop for the North County Transit Bus #395 located a few blocks away at the Robertito's Taco Shop at Surfriders Way.

If you wish to retrace your route, by bicycle, just get back on the norhtbound I-5 and have at it, when you are ready.

I went and talked to 2 MP's at the base entrance nearby, and learned from Mr. Andres, and Mr. Collins, that the surface street route supposedly isn't that much longer than the route I'd just taken.

However, after seeing it by bus, I have to wonder.

From Christianitos Gate to Oceanside Harbor Gate has got to be a LONG haul, but I also believe the ride from Las Pulgas to Oceanside may make for a 23 mile, instead of 18 mile ride, at least.

The bus runs every 2 hours, and is always packed. Bring your drivers license, or state ID, or you won't be allowed on the bus.

Oh, and bring $1.75 for the fare.

The bus ride gives you an up close, 90 minute, view of the base.

The route follows, pretty much, the route a Cyclist would take, except for detours through several of the Camps to drop off or pick up soldiers, and civilians.

The south end of the territory is full of residential areas, complete with shopping centers, near various bases, but the further north one goes the more distant the bases are from each other, and the more rugged, mountainous, and hilly the terrain becomes, and the roads become 1 lane in either direction in many sections.

This is a ruggedly beautiful region.

A cyclist will find him, or herself, alone with nature, and the rugged beauty of the the surrounding countryside, and would have to come well prepared for at least a partial day trip by bringing plenty of liquids, snacks, and a spare tube or 2.

I envy those who have the opportunity to bike through this region whenever they have the chance to do so.

One amusing thing I saw was a sign for the 11 Marines NBC Defense.

I laughed as I imagined our military preparing to defend itself from Tom Brokaw, and wondered if there was an ABC, CBS, PBS, and CNN Defense as well. :-)

Anyway, there you have it.

This should clear up, once and for all, the options for bicycling through this area.

If there is anyone who has ridden the base from Las Pulgas Gate to Christianitos Gate, or the reverse, share the route, and your experiences with us, for future reference.

*** UPDATE -- MARCH. 2005 ***

The Route described in my previous post has been re-opened as described here

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May 03, 2004

Cycling South thru Camp Pendleton to Oceanside

I received a comment on my Xmas Ride along PCH, from Newport Beach to San Clemente, posted on Sneakeasy's Joint at the time, that I want to share with Cyling Dude readers in the hopes of clearing something up for good. :-)

For the past 5 years myself and two friends have spent a week riding the coast hwy. Our adventures usually start in S.F. and have taken us as far as Santa Barbara. This year we are starting in Newport Beach and heading south to Imperial Beach with several side trips and stops for oysters and tequila. Since 9/11 I am told that Camp Pendelton is closed to bikes. I am interested in your route through San Onefre. I'm not from this area, can you give me more specific directions? I have adventure cycling maps but they only show the option through Camp Pendelton.
Team Christine, trip planner

I sent her an e-mail response:

Hello Sherry!

Apparently Camp Pendleton is open again, as long as you bring proper picture ID.

The entrance to OLD ROUTE 101, on the beach side of the 5 Freeway may be more difficult to locate than a few years ago, or no longer accessable due to development.

I'm just not sure. It was too dark last December for me to go looking for it.

Where it should have been there seemed to be homes now.

As I mentioned, in my December piece, I made it to Christianitos RD.

I have, written down, a trip I planned about 8 years ago, but never took, from San Clemente to Downtown San Diego.

In it I begin by heading right on Christianitos Road......

To trail entry, just west of Southbound Frwy. on ramp.

Go South.

Route passes thru fence & follows frontage road, and crosses over Northern Campground entry at Basilone Road.

Path goes on a bridge over Railroad tracks and passes entrance to San Onofre power plant to reach entrance to San Onofre State Beach ( route must be along Old Hwy. 101 ).

Bike thru beach bike park path and at south end pass thru car barrier and take bike path on old 101.

Go along top of ocean bluffs, and pass below auto vista point, and follow path thru tunnel under freeway, and to trails end and go

Left on las Pulgas Road and check in a Camp Pendleton Gate.

Just beyond gate go

Right on Stuart Mesa Road.

Pass Camp Flores and stay right on Stuart Mesa

Right on Vandergriff Blvd., and pass out of Camp Pendleton Gate, and under freeway to become Harbor Dr.

I have long forgotten where I got this info, as you can well imagine. :-)

I found this old route slip in my papers, tonite. :-)

NOTE: As of Feb. 2005 the protion from gate to gate is open to civilians once again.

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March 21, 2004

Riding San Diego County

Riding to San Diego, from San Clemente, sounds like a fun challenge. :-)

If anyone has suggestions for routes that I should explore and write about, send me an e-mail, and let me know.

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